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Utter Disgust

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Today I wanted to make an entry. I typed for about an hour making sure that which I was attempting to post was line upon line and precept upon precept and scripturally sound. I had a really great entry for manifesting Jesus in the laws and prophets.

In my haste to finish up I hit the wrong spot on the page and lost everything.

I'll make another entry when I get a chance.

The object of my next entry will be what I was attempting tonight. To show anyone interested whether a Christian or not the rightly divided word of truth that manifests the Lord, who he is and what he fulfilled.

Maybe next time I won't get in a hurry.

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I'm so sorry to hear that. I know the feeling -- has happened to me a number of times. I've learned to copy my text periodically as I type, if it's to be anything of any length. We'll look forward to your next post.

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I know the feeling also. I've learned to create my posts in a notepad or wordpad. Though I don't save my work occasionally...I know I should.

Creating my posts in note- or wordpads was a habit I developted back in the days when dial-up connections were the norm. And of course, so was getting disconnected, or as we used to call it... getting "booted."

I hope you didn't "lose your religion." :lol: When something really angers my mum, she will blurt out, "it was enough to make me lose my religion!"


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hehehe , mike , your mom's saying ... cute .. I have by the way had that happen many of times , I however being upset at the time , looked to it as Karma was trying to keep me from regretting something in a short time ... not faith just the knowing I probably just needed to rant a little on a page for none to read ... and usually when it happens trust me no one would wanted to read what I had to say .... LOL , Right mike .... hheheheheh :)

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