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Fear & Unacceptance



Fear and unacceptance: ingredients for a poisonous coctail.

As some here know, I came out to three people some time back: my girlfriend, my brother and my mother. My girlfriend was in shock, and things were a little rocky for a while. Not because she discovered that I was TG/TS, but that I had been lying to her (our relationship began online). Prior to coming out to anyone, I "lived my online life" as a man. No one knew that I was trans, no one knew that I wasn't just another guy - including her. My brother had no problem with what I had to tell him. I could have told him years ago. I wish I had known. My mother took it well at first. Unfortunately, a few short months later, something changed. And it wasn't in my favour.

Today, my brother works at avoiding referring to me as a female when he's talking to other people. When we're together, he doesn't call me "David," but he also doesn't call me by my birth name - which he never has anyway - only my nickname. But now, instead, he will on occasion call me by a shortened version of my nickname which is [usually considered] a boy's name. My girlfriend continues to treat me like she would treat any man...like she has treated me from day one And though she was royally pissed with me for lying to her, her love for me has never changed. But that I lied to her, it compromised her trust in me for a long time. I cannot blame her for this. As for my mum, she has let me know that I will never be her son, but despite the fact that she is not overly happy with the way I dress, she no longer questions me about it... though the last time I visited, she slyly tried to figure out my chest. Or the seeming lack of what's considered a "female" presentation.

Now for that cocktail I nurse everyday. It's not much different than an actual alcoholic drink is to an alcoholic - I know it's bad for me, but I drink it anyway, knowing what it will do to me, or what it could do to me.

Ingredient #1: Fear

I fear what people I know will think of me.

I fear what people will say about me.

I fear that people I know, or have worked with will call me names and laugh at me. I never did well with stuff like that

I fear there will come a time when my girlfriend will not be able to endure the stress of having a transman for a friend, a lover, a mate.

I fear that when I transition, my girlfriend will see a different person.

I fear that like so many guys do, after transition, I will lose the woman I love.

The fear of so many things, has me rooted in one place. If I don't conquer the fear, and move to where I want to be, I might lose her anyway (long distance relationship).

I fear that when I do transition, I will lose parts of my family.

Ingredient #2: Unacceptance

If the unacceptance came from any other place, from any other person than my own mother...I could perhaps shrug it off. I could accept it and go on about my merry way. I believe if the unacceptance was from any source but my mum, I could probably dilute the fear enough to start my journey. In fact, I'm sure I could. The power of a parent standing beside you in support of you is unparalleled. Doesn't matter how old you get, a parent's approval is more valuable than anything else in a person's life. A parent's approval is like a super-heroes power protecting you from everything and everyone around you.

So here I am, still, sitting at the "Pity-Party Bar"...swilling on that noxious cocktail of eight parts fear with a generous splash of unacceptance, knowing damn well it's killing me...but like some alcoholics, unable to climb down off the barstool and turn my life around so that I can start living...


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Dear Michael,

You wrote this almost two and a half years ago, and I wonder, how do you feel today? I like how you are so open and vulnerable on this post. I feel very similarly and appreciate your finding the words for my feelings.



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When I wrote that, I was most likely suffering a round of mild depression, and as is clearly indicated - self pity. I think today is the first time I've read it since it was first posted. Sorta surprised me how raw it sounds - I do not normally open that door. Sorta disappointing that I'm still stirring in that drink. Sorta sad that anyone else feels the same way.

We need to push away from the bar....


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