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Beard Shaving

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does anybody have good advice for beard shaving...is it best to use razor and cream or electric razor ...i also use a concealer to hide my beard and its okay but im self conscious...what shaving products are best...thx karen

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Hi Karen -

Might I suggest that you start a new topic in the either ther General Transgender Discussion, the MTF Transsexual Discussion, or the MTF Crossdress Discusson forums? The blogs are usually used for sharing story-like experiences and events. Or creating a kind of journal. Not everyone reads blogs as often as they do the forums.

Your question is a good one - one that others no doubt have helpful tips for. Additionally, your question, subsequent answers, and discussion could help others.

Just a suggestion.


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Use old fashion razors from pinky gillette girly ones not the male ones, they are better or smoother for the skin if you crossdress every day at least from my experience, crossdressing001 on utube.

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