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Changing up a gear!

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I can hardly believe that August has come around so soon and wow, things have so moved on.

My personal relationship with my beautiful partner Ruth has recently reached the maturity of two years engaged and it feels so good to have that special person in my life.

I got made redundant again in February as the company re-structured and no longer needed my position. As it happens I was about to quit anyway since I had made plans to move to the North of England and come April that has happened. I now live in Bradford within the beautiful county of West Yorkshire, England.

I own my own house, no mortgage/rent to pay and without that financial load on me I am attempting to work for myself, another major change in my life.

Happy :D


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Hi Caroline... good to hear from you, and glad you and your partner are doing well. Good luck on the business. Hope you will drop in more often.


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