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Just another day

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Well boys and girls yet another day has been here and left us to fend for ourselves, The nights growing colder,coming sooner to us the darkness,Holding us in its grip longer than we should be held, those that dwell at night souring our days with thoughts of bitterness and anjuish...to only make it to the spring when all life begins again a new.....Life has a way of surviving the cold cruel world that we must endure...so must we make it to the spring to have reborn from our icy captor,held by those icy fingers gripping us and tormenting our very souls...Make our way to the warmth of springs light and the warmth of rebirth...taking life yet again by the hand and walking into the warmth of the sun.. giver of life with out the light of the sun we would be no more we could not survive our lifes would mearly dwither away into none existance...Can we not afford to let the light shine on us and energize our body into facing the hard facts of life that we to with time can make it to the next cycle of life we to can be reborn anew...I saw the light shining in the distance and Though I was affraid I walked toward It what shall become of me I know not But Yet I walk On this path I walk out of the darkness with the hopes of a new life a hope of a new begining a life less traveled is a life in the darkness so hand me a candle and I will be illuminated and steady in my walk...take my hand and together we shall be strong enough to fight off the cold bitter grip of winter together we shall be reborn in the light of spring and enlightend in the knowledge of another seasons passing and our triumph over winters cold grip on our souls...TOGETHER We will Survive....

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