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These things we all do

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These things we do to make our lives better Well not better persay but make it to were we can just live life without the constant pain and torment within our selves..Can getting the help from therapists and doctors make our lives livable Yes I do believe they can I have to think thats why we are forced to rely on them to transition..I know that we can transition without the normal route but with limited success and still the ever constant crush from life so what is the better of the two evils...Hummm Not sure but I will try the path to the left It will be hard to open up to those that will decide my fate but I must think that they to are just looking out for me and my best interests...I have to hold onto that notion for my fate rests in their hands....

Take me Into your arms and hold me close

show me the love only you can show and give me the things that I need to survive..

These things that make me who I am

those who can help take me into your lives and show me you care

those who wish me Ill them away with you forever

never to hurt me again

away to you those demonds that will threaten my souls very existance with your ill words and bitter ways

away with you

take the knowledge that I will survive and make this life I hold so dear better for my struggles

greater with my tears and fuller with those that shair in my pain....

To those who fall before I arrive I bid you bitersweet regret

For I never met one so dear

for I never knew your true name

for I never spoke to your heart

for I never held your hand through the journey

I hold you dear to my heart for I hold your pain

for I know your sorrow and with your help I will make this journey for you....In your name I vowe to make the next in line understand why we make this path less traveled together

Why we must take hand and heart together for if not we are sure to fall as you...my dear sweet friend we will all make this journey for you.

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