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new kid on the block

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this blog stuff and sharing things.

I'm FTM, a guy? I don't know all the terms I'm a man stuck in a chicks body is how i put it. Been this way since I was 4 I'm 25 currently.

Have had no help, since I just started going to therpy (my theripst is pushing to get more info and get out there a little) . My family isnt really supportive. I mean we dont really talk about it but the times we did it was like why would you do that. Only person I have is my wonderful girlfriend. She supports me and wants me to be happy, however I see it.

I'm not open like the other transgender people. I dont want people to know that I'm changing unless I want to tell them. This blog right here is a HUGE thing for me. I'm just not happy anymore I need help. I've been lying to people forever it seems and its awful cause I'm not really lying. I am a guy I see it everyday when I'm not feeling like crap about myself.

I've lost friends, dropped out of school because a "friend" told everybody that I was a girl, and been made fun of. The people that got over it all see me as a guy now. they know, but act like its whatever. sometimes They all talk about it like its nothing and its something to me.

I just want to be respected as a man and its really hard not getting that, it hurts more then anything.

I don't know

I'm shy and don't really know how to talk to people but I'm trying.

Hit me up if you like. any info ideas support is welcome.


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Hey Kerig,

Welcome to TG Guide. I'll bet you'll like it here. I sure do, and there's a lot of info and great people here. I'm glad to see that you started a blog, Check out Warren's!

I think it helps a lot to write about what you (and we) are going through. This is a great and safe place to do it. And please add your comments and thoughts to other postings, too. We'd love to hear from you.



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Thank you Emma.

I have been reading his and its like everything I think and feel.

Its nice knowing theres people who care and are going through the same thing.

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Check out my blog, too, especially "Transgender Before Puberty" and "Important Documentary" which has links to I think excellent videos for both MTF and FTM people. Very informative and affirming. I hope they help you.


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Hello kerig... and welcome.

Lot of info and topics scattered all throughout the many forums as Emma has mentioned - no one forum is really restricted to any particular group. But while you are cruising around TGG...be sure to check out the FTM Transsexual Disccusion board also. There are many great topics, lots of information, and of course... some things that do apply primarily to us guys.


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What's up dude! Totally got you on this one. Its like "I'm lying to people...but am I lying? This is who I am. Wait dont tell them!!"

I struggle with that every day too bro. Especially at work. Keep your chin up, we'll get through it :] I'm glad your girlfriend is super supportive. As long as you've got at least one person to help you out, you dont have to hold the world on your shoulders. Hit me up if you ever need to talk. And for star sake, abuse that blog button! Helps a ton :P


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Thank you Michael. Theres alot on this site and its over whelming.

Thanks Warren. what is this blog button you speak of? still trying to figure everything out and it I figure out how to write a meassege Ill take you up on that. Ive had facebook for 3 years barley know how to work that lol

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