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just for laughs

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I was just wanting to change the post I have in here, What are some things that make you laugh, I really am interedted I love to listen to things that are humorous anything to get my mind off of life in general..We all have so much going on that we have to retreat to a funny place and have a good chuckle I think that dane cook is really funny also I like to listen to Jeff Dunham he the one that has all the puppets I really like penut and a few of the others like walter he's the bitter old bastard he's really funny.....something about a guy with his hand up a dolls butt that is just humorous in itself..

I really like to listen to George callin once in sedona Arizona my mother had met him and his wife ( wish I had been there ) George's sence of humor is right on with life in general its only to bad that we are no longer going to hear his insites but he's in a better place ( wherever that may be ) My mother said they are really down to earth people its always nice to hear that even those we look up to can still hold life in its place..( can we all say that )

I also like Carlos Mencia he's really funny in my mind..nothings off limits and I love that I really hate those people who think we all have to be so politicly correct thats just crap we are not meant to be so sensative that we belittle those we are talking about hay we all are what we are and we know that fact why poosy foot around things I respect honesty more than I respect a person that thinks they have to be PC with me listen I am a woman and Unfortunatly I was born in the wrong wrapper If you want to call me a freek then so be it in your mind I am that doesn't make it so I am a person and I have been this way all my life no doubts about this fact..I am not ashamed of who I am so why should I be ashamed of a few words..Hay they are just words letters put together to form an expression so what who cares I dont..Do you?

If you let them get to you you need to take a long look and reaccess your state of mind, We can all rise above these things if we just dont take them so serious hence humor the way out laugh at them no one would think they got to you if you laugh and say thats funny what else you have I needed a good laugh thanks...just like the bully in school kind of hard to beat you up if your not affraid of them..There power over you is then taken away and you win thats the hole point in humor hey if we can laugh at ourself then they have no ammunition to use against us....

a bit off track...

I am here I am there I am all around I am one I am all I make you glad I make you sad I am life I can be hard I can be easy..but to all I am humorous in my own way..Lifes funny that way...

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