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Fitted for my first bra

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Friday I was fitted for my first bra. I really can't believe I did it. I went into the store and sheepishly asked to be fitted for a bra. All the ladies in the store were also wonderful. I did get fitted(I am a 44B) . Then they helped me find several bras to try on, When I tried the first one on, and put my top back on, I almost cries as looked in the mirror , I had a chest (thanks to my mam-boobs) a small one but a chest non the less. I did buy a bra and wore in out of the store, I felt so wonderfully feminine as I walked out of the store. The picture is me, all me. :)

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nowhere to buy a bra except online here so bought LOTS of stuff that didn't fit...

but now I know my size

is cool yu gt served in hat store when you shopped for a bra!

that sounded very excitng


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Don't know if you ladies know this, but I was taught by a fitter the proper way to put on a bra is to bend over at the waist and drop your breasts into the cups.

Firmly agree that EVERY woman should be professionally fitted for her bra at least once a year!

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