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Well, that didn't hurt ....To much

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Ok , a couple of weeks ago I sat down with my wife, yes I am still married after our talk.... Oh what a drain on me was this talk. I was emotionally spent, HUH so I though, guess what a few days later my Mother calls........ him hawing around the preverbial bush I did for a time.... cant fool your mother when somethings eating at you they wont leave you alone till you spill the beans...

OK , back to my wife we sat down to a movie or something night kinda vexed me anyways we began talking about the ordinary stuff and she said something that really bugged me.... OH YOU JUST THINK YOU WANT TO BE A GIRL LIKE HER DONT YOU>>>>>Ahh, I am sorry but I popped

What is it about this whole thing that you dont understand? OOPPS wrong way to start this discusion.....OK ,calm down You know we have talked about this before...... YOU NEVER told me anything, Really, I never told you anything.....UHHHHH lets talk that way you will understand fully and I will know that you understand fully....OK while we talk will you color my hair, BUT of COURSE I will ....I like to do it its good quality time, and its fun.

Ok into the conversation we went , how why when where what the, are you kiddin me really are you sure why would I , OK you get the jest, now Its I understand and am behind you in what ever you deside I love you for you and not the body you reside in...What a realief, here I thought OK hears the deal you talk like that again and outa here you go and all your assets ( though not many mostly my good looks GIGGLES A BIT ) are mine.... NOPE to that I will get back to you on this one when I am on HRT and fixen to go full time...

Ok back to mom, pretty much the same talk a few more tears and a lot harder to do but its done, to my supprise, I knew it was something but just not sure what it was , Oh thats nice I told you when I was five but you told me to not think about it I was a boy and needed to act like one , dreams dont mean a thing and stop acting like a girl,,,...... Same speach from gramma, she atleast gave me a hug and wiped my tears away when she told me these things..

Ok sorry she told me she was here for me if I needed to go back and live with her then I could and that she was sorry for ever doubting me when I was younger, she was sorry for being so rough on me and she only wanted the best for me and If how great of a guy I have become is any inclination towards how great of a woman I will become, then she talked about how she thought it was gona be my brother to come out to her.... a little shocking but ok, I really dont see that he's a closet freek not a live out in the world one , he might of dressed up in the day but now I think he just likes to be freeky in the bedroom with his wife.... Not to say he might change this in the future but I really doubt it with him...

About a day went by, no I take that back it was two days I was completely drained emotionally and didn't talk to anyone the next day, she called back and told me that if I didn't mind she talked with two of my aunts and they think if this is what makes me happy they are behind me in it...yippy lets make the headline news. before I can fully deal with the fact that I came out to my mother and wife in whole hearted facts......

Well the cats out of the bag and this kitty has claws and she aint goin back in so , Look out word It starts with a puurr and ends with a meow....

God , I hope she doesnt think I am gona stick with the name she wants to give me well as a second middle name..... willa.... Are you kidin me Stephani Willa Paige R. I love ya ma but HE)) NO way thats gona go on the new lisence or birth cert when I get to that point.....I will let her have her moment for now but UUUHHTTUGGHH No way Howdy Doudy....

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