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Something positive....

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So I have told family and close friends, some have known for years. Sure that is no secret, I was even called out in public by a resentful X-friend, who had been fine with it at one point, and is again now. However due to some things I keep things quiet and reserved. I recently had a gathering of friends some new some old. It was nice and as the night went on all but one left, it was my wifes friend of 30 plus years. For one reason or another she didn't know, yet. Something came across the TV and the conversation was on, we talked about the issues and other topics that pertained. Then like a slap upside my head, I realized she was unaware of me. WOW.....so I told her. With ease we kept the conversation. Now sure I am getting a ton of questions and so on and so forth.......but I find it wonderful. I say one at a time one a day educate and teach. Also to the friends credit she is awesome and is really wanting to learn more and is wanting to support me in any way she can. True friends are wonderful.

Something positive in such trying times.

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Most people are positive and non discriminatory - least ways not knowingly! Positive friends are a massive help and will make further changes that much easier, I speak from experience.

It really is so joyful when you first discover that help. May you have more joy in the future.................

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Dear Melody,

As we grow through the years, we are not the same person from the past, not even as recent as six months ago. Likewise, your friends are growing, some in the same direction, and others in different directions.

This is why it is important to be adding friends as you go along, so that you are not devastated as you lose some friends along the way.

Yours truly,


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