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Surrealism in our dreams , a gift into the future

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blogentry-25464-0-40604100-1425374438_thI wrote this from a comment I made on face book. I have a surreal dream from time to time that increases in detail every time I dream it. I deleted my dream to the public for I feel so strongly about the dream that I do not want to change the destined outcome of it.

Surrealistic................................. The comment I had about my dreams is true. I usually do not expose my dreams only to those I feel may play a part in them. I have been very sick with a high fever for days now. I am getting gradually better. With a high fever inner emotions can be revealed. I deleted the dream posting for I believe if by chance you were lucky to have read it. You got a glimpse of something that may happen and I do not want to change destiny.

I do not know the time , but I have a very strong feeling of were this will happen. Those of you that are associated with me may know this area............................................................... Ballston.......... I have my reasons for believing this. Paranormal phenomenon is part of our lives. I believe transgender people are what future human beings will become. A selected group within our human adaption have jumped many years ahead in time. Go back to your descendent heritage and you may be able to equate this genetic event . Fanny and Simmone, if you read this posting you both are 2 very good examples of who I am talking about. Living miles apart , both of you are connected by this blessing.

Science has no factual clarification to the inner drive that makes us transgender. Yet , there are scientist who do not believe in the paranormal. The transgender movement is happening faster across the world than it ever has. More and more girls are coming out of there shell . I ask '' Is this a destiny of time.'' We as trans girls must push ourselves to be more than a stay at home pin up model or your local gay club attendee. It is a matter of feeling inside that you are deserving in this world. The abnormal in transgender will become a perception in the past................. If you feel you have a gift, then share it.

Pamala Flinn Dreams can come true.

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I love your dream, Pamela. It's exciting and fun to think about. Keep dreaming and let us know more. I also hope you're feeling better.

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Dear Pamala,

There are two kinds of dreams. The first, and the most common, are dreams where the body is at rest but the brain is active, sorting out and digesting the daytime activities.

The second is spiritual in nature, where the soul is plotting out the future and working on deep understanding.

Yours truly,


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