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Sexuality has too many loopholes



I'm bored out of my mind (on vacation from work because of spring vacation) so I've taken to Sims 4, exercise, writing and being lazy.

But while I sit here, something has come to mind. Sexuality.

Someone mentioned it to me and asked what my sexuality is, and I said I "think" I'm bisexual.

Well for someone like me who hasnt been fully educated on what certain sexualities are, I cant help but wonder if I'm not fitting that catagory.

I mean, men? Hell yes. Girls? Totally. But I really dont have any judgement against ANY gender, really. Now that I've been thrust deep into the world of Transitioning Transgenders, I've come to realize that there is much more than male and female.

And the more I realize that, the less I seem to care about what they are. Everyone's fair game and gorgeous to me, really.

So that brought up the subject of Pansexuality. I'm not fully aware of what that is, but it seems maybe the best bet?

From what I understand, pansexuals are open to male, female, transgenders, crossdressers, etc. I think, from what I was told anyway.

Which sort of fits for me, since I really dont care what you identify as. I'm not after your gender. I'm after your personality.

Just a random thought I felt like sharing while I half die on this darn exercise stepper thingie that is literally destroying my calves >.<

There was a big Hooha about me coming out as Bisexual on facebook, and with all the hype about me being transgender, I think I'll wait a while before mentioning the possibility of pansexuality.

Basically its just Bisexuals with wider horizons LOL

Forever Curious and Learning,



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P.S. If people on farcebook are gonna go all broke-brain at the possibility that a person might be bisexual... the heck with them. Why do they even need to know that you are, or might be, pansexual. Or for that matter... any sexuality. If none of them are attracted to you, and you are attracted to none of them, and there's no chance of any intimate relationships... it's none of their business.

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Dear Warren,

Hearing from you often, as today, brings a smile to my face. I like your voice and your ideas.

Like you, I accept and love all. I don't care about anyone's sexuality of gender.

Recently, both of my therapists (yeah, I have two!) told me that they don't care for the term "transgender." I don't really know why and need to understand this better. I think we all want labels, as long as they are respectful, so we can communicate and understand each other.

I'm told that younger people are coming up with all sorts of terms and word combinations for their gender feeling and expression. I wonder if the same thing is true for sexuality.

I suspect that there is no perfect word for ones sexuality especially if it includes more than the opposite sex. Keep trying I say but then again don't stress over it. There are too many other things to worry about!

Enjoy your vacation. Go have a tea or coffee, read a book, take a nap. You deserve it.



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today I'm actually trying to focus on what I have that I dont want or need anymore, and figuring out how to sell them for $ for my surgery. I've reached over 1k$ saved for my surgery, but thats a long way away from 8k lol so I'm working on that jewelry I talked about and sorting old figurines, and finally....THROWING AWAY ALL THAT MAKEUP!!!!

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I agree with Emma's comment on labels, they're helpful in communicating with each other and otherwise harmless until people start making broad and incorrect assumptions based on them.

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