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Hello Everyone - My First Entry



Hey guys, what's up? My name is ARTistiColor but you can call me Art. So basically before I talk about anything crazy I just want to tell you why I named my blog 'My Mask' incase you are wondering why. I basically named it 'My Mask' is because even though I am talking freely about how I am transsexual, I am just a person hiding my true self behind my 'mask'. I have not come out to my family because I am scared of losing everyone I ever loved, having a deep dark hole that can not be filled ever again in my heart. But I guess that's everyone's fear, to feel alone and unwanted.

So in this blog I will be talking about my experiences as a pre FTM, my goals, my views on things and transgender news!

I found out I was transgender only a couple of months ago so I am still learning. One thing that really bothers me is that I haven't found a name that really pops out. I read that transgenders look in front of the mirror and say possible name choices and that they know when they found the right name for them. None of the names I listed really pop out at me. But don't worry! I won't give up! I have been thinking of calling myself Ash or Archer. I think their both really good names, but I don't know for sure if I want that to stick with me for the rest of my life...

Anyways thanks for reading, hope you have a great day, and stay colorful!



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Welcome Art!

I think it's so cool you're here and introduced yourself. I'm confident you'll find the community here to be warm and accepting. I hope to hear lots more about you and your life.

Names can be hard to choose. In a recent TG support group I attended I mentioned that I was having trouble remembering all the new names. Not to worry they said, name changing is rampant among transgender folks!

I wrote an early blog post about why I chose Emma. I'll have to read it again myself. Indeed there are times when I hear a different name and think it might be more fun or better. We don't usually select our birth names and Emma is growing on me and my friends here.

I think Warren had a great suggestion: go on babynames.com and see what fits. Or, consider people or characters you admire or like. I'm sure that we will love whatever you choose.


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Hello Art, there should be no rush deciding on a name.

Best advice on a name I can give is look at a list of names, pick a handful that feel right then for a week or so contemplate how each name works for you. Do this both in your mind and when you can say it out loud, many just think in their mind while saying it out loud can make a big difference in the acceptability of a name.

When I came out there were three or four should said I thought Janet was good for you while the majority said Karen was perfect. I spent more time on my last name then my first name. But each spanned over weeks, not hours or days as a name change process when it comes time for it can take four to six weeks and there is tons of paper work. You may not be ready for that now but it's good to get use to a name no matter when the name change is done, tomorrow or years from now.

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Hi Art,

Yes you may loose some of your freinds when you come out, even family members. BUT if they are so unreasonable as to not accept your true self, perhaps they aren't worth worrying about too much. Also you'll make other new freinds. Others can be a great help in choosing a name for you as Karen has mentioned above.

Keep on blogging!


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