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    I was coming home this evening and listening to the local radio station, taking advantage of being in an area with actual radio coverage is nice, it was a traditional Scottish tunes show they were playing a Military two step, and it hit me. If I am going to be Dee I am going to have to learn how to dance again! Scottish country dancing is done in village halls across the highlands at every wedding and major event - especially New Years and is something you learn to do at school- but I have learnt all these as a man, and will have to learn them all again from the other side! Ceilidh dancing is amazing fun and actually knowing the dance is secondary to joining in. I really panicked when I remembered that I will also have to re-learn a strip the willow, not to so much the dance as they male and female parts are not really different, but doing one in heels OMG! 😳😳 I have to learn to dance in heels, there is so much spinning!!!! 🀒😳 πŸ’ƒ At a certain point you can kick off your shoes and just dance in stockinged feet, but ettiquette dictates not at the beginning of the evening. It will be nice not having to cross the hall to go and ask for the pleasure of a dance though, I always hated that trial of fire! Here are a couple of links for folk who do not know what I am talking about. If you ever get the chance - do it!
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    They are a lot of fun Jess! Just one of those things that you do not think much about because you only need to remember the dances once or twice a year. Wearing flats would be the sensible option, as some of the students are in the clips above, but ceilidhs are also a chance to get dressed up too! It just struck me as funny that I will have to learn to be led (the male partner usually leads the dance) and how to spin in heels without falling over, something else to practice when I do not have the kids! Of course that all assumes that I will be invited to dances but Hogmanay will happen regardless of where/who I am. Strange to be thinking about it like that though too
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    It's been a while since I wrote here, so I thought I would fill in some of what's going on...I am doing well with myself. My folks are coming to grips with me being me, and my sister is still my biggest cheerleader. Now for the moving forward bit. I had my annual physical this past Friday, and my doctor is sending me to an endocrinologist for the purpose of starting HRT. I am also still thinking about surgery, and now leaning in favor of surgery. Thanks for reading my randomness. Tilly
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    Hey Tilly, Good for you! I started HRT just over a year and a half ago. I'd always read about how people loved it so much but I suspected that they were experiencing some sort of endorphin rush to be doing something and that the feelings would dissipate as time passed. I wasn't surprised then when I also felt so good. I was surprised at how the feelings were pretty constant. It was like my body was breathing a sigh of relief. I'd never seriously contemplated GCS since I was afraid that I'd never be certain that I wouldn't have regrets about losing my penis. A year ago I suddenly realized that GCS was the right thing for me: I was certain that I truly didn't care about those floppy bits that had been with me for so long. But there were two main issues: 1) getting insurance coverage, 2) choosing a surgeon and getting on their schedule so I wouldn't have to wait for years. Insurance coverage for trans healthcare vary quite a lot across the US which is a result of different state laws. California and Washington (state) are excellent, and there are several others too. I hope you live somewhere where you will have this coverage. The costs are otherwise prohibitive for most. So start your research and thinking. There's no rush and no cost to do this sort of thing. Knowledge is power and you'll feel stronger and more confident with more knowledge. Best wishes, Emma
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    Yes, put me in a good mood this morning after watching! (was already in a good mood, but really, really good, now). Found myself skipping, stomping and clapping in my seat! Maybe strange thoughts now, but get used to those; the kind of the thoughts we always wished we could enjoy and express..πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ
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    Sounds like such fun! Love the music as well as the dance.😊
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    Gigi Gorgeous Book launch at Indigo at Toronto (homecoming from L.A. to Toronto) Hello everyone, I went to the book launch event where Gigi was being interviewed by ET Canada front of live audiences. I have uploaded full recording of how she talks about transitioning, family members, coming out, her YouTube channel, writing the book & most of all the importance of soul within transgenders, I was inspired by her down to Earth approach on her fame to rise as a m to f transitioning women. Source https://youtu.be/fZ0B9tj8Yfw
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    Well, this week (today), took my first doses for HRT.πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ˜Š. Spiro and estrogen injection. Should have started one week ago, but one screw up after another delayed things unnecessarily. First my lab results were not timely faxed from my PCP to my Gender Specialist. Friday, Monday calls then finally Tuesday morning when they still weren't faxed I had to demonstrate what Jess can be like on hormones and they were sent right over despite being available since the previous Friday. Then it was time to play with the insurance company, don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for the coverage, but hurdling more obstacles are totally unnecessary, but seems to me we're heading towards getting rid of the Docs and the insurance companies are taking that role more and more. Scary! Well some additional things taken care of this week..., Came out to my supplier and 2 clients/customers today, and have put out a call to a major one to do the same. Have several luncheons with them next week and the time has come for "Jessica" to attend them. I already know there will not be an issue. So.... 100% not presenting male has begun today. (actually did 12 days ago, but today I know for sure I never will again!). Ahhhh, what a feeling😍
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    "100% not presenting male has begun today. (actually did 12 days ago, but today I know for sure I never will again!)." whoop whoop! Congratulations on being fully you 24/7 xx πŸŽ‰
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    Spent an entire week in Florida presenting myself in a very simple fashion as a woman. A life time of experiences this trip. So much to describe. The attached photo is me in Universal Studios. I did not enhance my natural body for this trip, just wore all women's sportswear top to bottom. My breasts in my sports bra were noticeable but I was not trying to bring too much attention to them. I remember when I entered the park when the photo was taken one of the attendants said "I really like your Turquois Outfit," one of her favorite looks. I have over 20 great photos to share along with my neat story. So more soon. :)
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    Well. I had that long anticipated and dreaded "talk" with my son today that his Dad was transgender. He's 23 years old; we're very. very close, and have gotten even closer since his mother passed away. He works in a field that typically is full of "transgender bashing jokes", and has had very little if any exposure to the reality of gender diversity. All he has heard comes from his peers who are equally clueless. So, he came over today and I told him that I had something very important to discuss with him; that it was a very difficult thing to discuss, and the mere fact that we're gonna have this conversation shows how important he is to me. (He blurts out "you have a girlfriend!!??) Long pause...……………………."No, not that simple." Something that I've known since I was about 8 years old and have been ignoring it and putting it off and off and off, hoping it would go away, but it keeps creeping up again in my psyche. In the meantime, I said, he and his mother always came first and I've always made sure that the family and the business was taken care of first. Well. I've been seeing a psychologist for a while now and do you know what gender dysphoria is? He wasn't sure, so I explained it. Right off the bat, he said so what; if it makes you happier with your life he was all for it . I said I was, but he will likely have a lot of questions down the road and I would like to teach him about it and him to learn more about it and hopefully he would eventually become my biggest advocate. He said of course he would. No problem!!!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜²πŸ’•. He asked if that meant I would like men, I said no, I like woman, but regardless I wasn't open for any kind of intimate relationships now, and explained sexual orientation is un-related and a different thing. He asked how soon I would change, I said I didn't know for sure, I was beginning hormones next week and I'll see what happens from there. That was the gist of my coming out, I tried to keep it simple upon the excellent advice of my therapist. We will have many, many more discussions, but the likelihood of his being on board and becoming my greatest cheerleader is a good probability. By the way, he didn't have a clue before today.
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    Funny thing I overlooked! 2 weeks ago, I headed down to Florida with a U-Haul and my car in tow to close on a house there. Purged all my "boy clothes" except for the set I was wearing for my trip down. After the closing, the day after I arrived, I started unpacking and have lived authentically since, setting everything up that I needed to do. Last Tuesday, headed back to NY with a planned 4 day "pitstop" at the Keystone Transgender Conference in Pennsylvania on my way. Just got back to NY and have several things to attend to before I head back down, some of which will require boy mode presentation. UGH!!!!!!!!!!. Forgot to bring my set of boy clothes, including my shoes! HAHA. Well gonna have to go to Walmart sometime today and buy a new set. 😜 Before I head to Florida again, I'll be sure to leave them here.
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    Sounds like you found a great therapist! I always enjoy going to the group meetings but some are better than others. It really depends on who is running the group. It’s always nice to meet people that are going through the same thing and I have learned a lot. 😊
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