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  1. Was described as a "beautiful ... lady" last week by a waitress at a restaurant I was at in Florida.  I did not even have any makeup on.  Here is a recent photo of me with my own hair, near the time of this neat encounter.


    1. Jessicatoyou


      Very, very keen eye in that waitress!😍

    2. Dawn13


      I was not wearing this blouse at the time, just women's sportswear and I always wear a bra now as my breasts are now size B+.  Have some great photos from the trip I will post soon.


  2. Hello everyone, I have been thinking about stories my entire life. Because I come from a family of writers and teachers and I have learned to live my "story line." Thus, I would like to help start this topic. This is one that you can share both your fantasies or to some extent your harsh realities. Some stories that you share may be your nightly dreams or maybe you like to day dream. Some of the stories you may want to tell us about may be a true story with a fantasy wrapping. (Always good to change the names) Or a completely true story about a romance or a relationship or other aspects that are affected by your cross-dressing. Some passion that is in all of us is also so good with this topic. A little guidance - When you add an item please make sure it is your original thought/s and please tell us if its fiction, based in truth, partly true or completely true. And of course use good sense when it comes to illustrating sexual details. I have several stories I will post in the next few days. So let’s post away, have some fun and have a party.
  3. Thanks Monica,. I am fairly good with computers but this one does baffel me Seems like anytime we have an update my photo files cannot be loaded. Happened before during a receint mod and I was able to reduce the file size and get the photo to load. Only affects the album loader. Thanks for the comment - actually feel like I am a bit overweight - getting ready to do a Coolwrap procedure. More soon. Your Friend - Dawn
  4. Hello everyone - still trying to load photos and cannot. Is there a format that seems to be working best? I have tried to slim down the file size but still no luck in posting. Dawn This is the photo I have been trying to load here. But cannot load it into my Albums. Dawn
  5. Dawn13

    Uploading Images

    I have lost my ability to post photos again. (Have not checked in a week since my last attempt) Also my Blogs show up but the content is not showing (Front door) . I can get into the Blog content by going to an old link to a submittal(Back door). Maybe I need a new OS as I seem to be having more issues lately (Currently Windows 7). Please help. Dawn
  6. Dawn13

    Uploading Images

    Here is the photo I have been trying to add. It will load from this location but not into my gallery.
  7. Last week I was called Mam four times. Even had one restaurant employee say " Welcome ladies - how are you doing" as I entered his restaurant. I have given up correcting people, actually kind of like how it makes me feel. A month ago in boy mode I was at a sports expo and had stopped at a booth selling shoe inserts. The shop/booth owner was busy and asked one of his workers to "please help this woman" I could not believe myself - how feminine I must have looked to him. (Really was not trying) Yesterday, I had two women runners make commits on my shaved legs "how are they were so perfect" and "perfect looking legs" Have any of you all had these kind of comments - even when in boy mode?
  8. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Another great day of being mistaken occurred while I was on a trip driving to VA. I really think most people now see me as female most of the time no matter what I am wearing. I went into a restroom at the road side stop. Men's of course. As I was washing my hands I saw through the mirror a young man come in, He immediately paused as he was looking at my backside. He turned and went out and looked at the door to determine if he was in the right bathroom. He then came in and quickly went into a stall. I know I had embarrassed him as he thought I was a girl. (I did have a pony tail and earrings on as well as girls/unisex sports wear and now I always wear a bra but for the most part it cannot be seen) I then quickly exited the rest room. Back to where no one would know I am not a girl. Couple of photos of my growing hair below.
  9. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Today I was called "she and her " twice. I was at a Rural King getting birdfeed and the teller first after looking me over asked if I needed help unloading. I told her that I could handle the heavy bags - because I was able to put them in the cart. Then another teller came over and started to put the feed bags in my cart. She said I " just wanted to help her." (Me) Then I muttered something but did not mention I was a he. She said again "I thought she needed help." The other lady was heavy built with large arms and she must have seen my thin feminine looking arms and possibly that I was wearing a bra, I actually need one now, and she must have thought I really needed help handling the heavy bags. Made my day! Dawn Just added one of my never posted shots from when I weighted about 138. I hope to get back to that weight soon.
  10. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Just two days ago I was eating breakfast at Panera and was called to pick up my/our order "Mam here is your order" and moments later a second employee said "how are you ladies doing." My wife was with me and made the second employee see that I was her husband. This second employee seemed a bit embarrassed and then went on to explain the confusion; said it was my beautiful blond curly hair and my hat/head visor. My wife asked was it my two earrings and this lady said "no." Then see looked at my eyes, said they were beautiful and asked "if they were really mine" = really - then she told me I was "gorgeous." Wow it was almost too much to take in. Almost too much feminine attention for me in one day - Dawn
  11. Dawn13

    This world is destroying my family

    JeffDad and All, I am a happy person most of the time and I have not transitioned. I am recognized as female often without trying to go out of my way to dress and look female. Still I do fully understand Usernameoptional and for many/ maybe most the transition will help. See https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/reallife/888347/two-years-ago-arin-was-a-girl-called-emerald-and-girlfriend-katie-was-a-boy-named-luke/ Arin Andrews is the example I most often think of as a good example with the most positive results when I think of female to male changes. But of course life is not simply made of gender. So many aspects. Really love is the main thing - go's so far beyond the sex we are or have been born with. One of my cousins took the courage to transition to being a male. He seems very happy now and we are becoming friends again now that I have learned of his change (Friends first). Yes, I was surprised and at first did not know how to take it/respond. This does make it easier to let him know I too am transgendered; just in the opposite direction. let me know if I can clarify anything - I definitely do not think changing sex will solve everything and in fact it could make things worse, as other underlining issues may be part of what is occurring. In my life role I have been a scientist/analyst. Dawn
  12. Dawn13

    This world is destroying my family

    I have now read the entire correspondence. And I agree with most of the advice. As a young person I remember day dreaming a lot. Wishing and dreaming of other possibilities. I have always been extremely creative and have always loved to role-play. I was transgender when I was born but I just did not even know what this meant. Yet my behavior of being like a girl was something I struggled with for many years. Physically I was very girl like in body and I was bullied guite a bit when I was young. About my thoughts - I also thought the thoughts and feelings I had would just go away if I took control and fought them off. Today I know this is not possible, however, in my case I have adjusted to the fact I will push the envelope but I never plan to transition. For me I have a loving family and I do not want to lose this part of what I have, over taking drastic changes to have my gender and body match. Now if I had known what I know today, if it had been possible in the 60's, I would had considered going for a body sex change. (My dad was very harsh with me and likely would not have supported me in this decision.) Really in the 60's there was nothing like the technology and knowledge available allowing for the possibility of this kind of change. Thus you actually can decide today - but the real battle is within the mind. Sorry this is so complicated - but it is. Society is really part to blame. Labeling our genders is like mind police controlling our thoughts. So much would be better if limits - laws- rules were not placed on our gender views. Most people except the limits as they are a secure place for them to be in. (Cis gender) If a person with mixed gender views/creative thought is put a box/prision the tendency is to want to break out. To free themselves. Still I see many directions possible for you. May the best way be the path you take
  13. Dawn13

    This world is destroying my family

    Hello JeffDad, I just started to review this thread and will look at it in depth tomorrow. What I do want to say is firstly, there are many variations within being transgender and there are also just as many solutions a person with transgender tendencies can come up with. Not everything is final and black and white. I look at gender more as a discovery and a journey. To be safe one needs to develop a path that allows a person to be as functional as possible. This state of happiness and self fulfillment are paramount. What I think I am hearing is you need more time to develop a plan for success for your child. To do this I agree that a really good counselor is the place to start. (I have one - a Christian Counselor) Any counselor you chose needs to have a real understanding of gender issues as well as the dynamics of family. Ok - the hormone blocker could be there to buy you more time to work things out Maybe the final solution would be to go through transition????; but really there are so many other possibilities. There also may be another root cause - my own counselor told me many of us are wounded by unresolved shame and brokenness. I have been doing regression therapy. And yes, I have been diagnosed as transgender. Hope this helps a-bit - From my own profile - I mention the issue of freedom and creativity. Because most of us are stifled by the world with its' gender stereotypes, we are often sicker for it. If I want to wear a dress - why can't I? Sometimes I feel we are forced to change gender to better fit an acceptable world view. More soon - I really want the best for you - and thanks for reaching out. D
  14. It has been a while since I engaged this forum item. Lately, I have been truely experiencing a more feminized body as I have had dozens of people recognize me as a woman. I believe this has to do with why I have had the following dream. I recently had a recurring dream of my breasts being fully developed and me breast feeding (my) baby. Dawn13. Please share your stories - Dawn
  15. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Yesterday - twice identified as a woman. Once called mamm by a lady needing help at a gas station while I was pumping gas. The second was called a lady ("how are you ladies doing") by the waitress at a IHOP while getting dinner. I did not correct them and I was wearing all women's sportswear, legs tan and shaved, earings, my women's styled glasses. Actually everything I had on was what I would consider unisexual clothing. I really think my face and ponytail are the reasons I was coded female but this time I did not correct them so I could ask what they saw that made me appear as s woman to them. Actually enjoyed being treated as a woman. Dawn
  16. Went in to a Horton's yesterday and the woman there said to me and my wife "how are you doing ladies."  I was dressed a bit feminine but not overly so.  Still being coded almost daily as a woman and I really an not trying to go out of my way to make myself look like a woman.  Dawn

  17. It appears the site is working again - Hurrah!  And I do like the new changes in format.  Dawn


    1. Lori


      Thanks for your feedback. We have a lot of options on how to rearrange the forum layout so let me know if you have suggestions. 

    2. Dawn13


      I will give it a gentle hard look and give feedback soon

      Appreciate this site - it has meant a lot to me.  :)

    3. Dawn13


      Hello Lori - the site was off line for a few days and when it came back on I could not load photos again; into the albums.  Is there a new clue that I need?  Dawn


  18. Fun and enjoyable day yesterday. Got fitted for glasses at Lens crafters.  I purchased a very feminine woman's frame.  The lady added that my blue eyes and eyelashes really showed well and the smaller frame accented my roundish face well.  She said this could be my "fun glasses" for maybe when I go dancing.  While getting my new glasses, I was completely in women's sporty looking clothing;  sport top, Levi tight stretch jeans with small woman's belt, women's body warmer sleeveless jacket, women's running shoes, earrings and necklace, nails shaped and polished; all women's;  including bra and pink panties underneath.  I was called mam twice.  Again my voice did not seem to change how I was treated; as a woman.

    I just added photos of my new glasses.  Dawn

    Dawn 6.jpg

    Dawn 4.jpg

    1. MonicaPz


      Dear Dawn,

      The bottom picture looks best.

      Love the blouse. Every shade of blue looks great on you, as your Season is Spring.

      Like the shape of your glasses. Think blue or green would flatter your hazel eyes. Hazel eyes change color, depending on the color of what you are wearing.

      You may want to consider developing a wardrobe of glasses, because they are a fashion accessory.

      Your friend,


  19. Recently I was on Pinterest with my own place using my name "Dawn." I coded myself as Transgender. I built a couple of boards - one called the "blur of gender" and another about feminine looking men and boys. Two weeks ago I was kicked out of Pinterest. I contested the action and the only reply I got was to read their rules; really. Was it my boards? Did I misrepresent myself. Was it a pin or pins I got from someone else that was considered offensive? There is transgender info in Pinterest so I am confused to where I may have gone wrong. I sent a second request for clarification and so far no reply. Does anyone have experience with Pinterest? I really liked the site but think it might not be transgender friendly. Dawn
  20. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Thanks Monica, I guess by what you say is my ENERGY is female. Neat! Thanks. love and kisses. Dawn
  21. I still have a FB account as Dawn - but I made it inactive. I wonder if there are any sites besides this one that are really Transgender friendly. Bonnie mentioned a few sites she uses. Dawn
  22. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Monica you are the best and thanks for commenting as much as you do. Seems like I always learn much from you. Latest trip and gender mix up. I was at a Ross Store in GA ready to check out, in guy mode, and the female teller said I can help you over here Miss. I thought she was talking to someone else and then I realized I was the only one there. I checked out and am quite sure she thought I was a woman. Then the next day while eating at an IHOP with friends the waitress said to me what can I get you ma'am, because I was with friends I corrected her saying "sir." She repeated "sir" but when she came back she presented me my breakfast and said ma'am can I get you anything else. This time I did not correct her as actually I was a bit flattered and later I checked the mirror to try to see what she saw. Could be my chest/breasts are showing more (Was wearing a bra but straps were almost impossible to detect), earrings, hair, wore unisex clothing - still in acceptable unisex look.
  23. Dawn13


    Over 20,000 views of my site. This count is mind boggling. Maybe I can be a good influence to those I impact. Dawn Added - this is all me - wearing a sports bra and a nice running outfit - Showing two early photos to now - Can anyone see why I might be first seen as a woman now? This photo represents the best of how I feel and look today. I have changed quite a bit since I joined this site. Lost weight, longer hair, pierced ears, some breast growth, smooth small and shapely muscles, beard gone. I have reshaped and modified myself as much as I could with out going through extensive surgeries. Now much more feminine in body I am and much more aware of my being transgender. I love it when I look and feel like a woman. This is where I am and I think this is where I will remain. I expect I will take a few more steps toward physical and inward beauty. (Ask me) Thanks to all of you who have positively critiqued my photos,logs and blogs. I love and respect to all of you - Dawn
  24. Dawn13


    When I say it is all me - I mean the breast and hair growth is real. I am wearing a shaping sports bra with normal padding. So neat as I do not have to wear breast forms any more. Dawn