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  1. amie

    Girls VS. Boys

    if you only take estrogen your body may actually increase testosterone levels making you even more masculine. The doctor will prescribe a balance of Androgen Blockers and Estrogen with possibly progesterone. The testosterone stays in your body but the receptors (areas of your body that are craving testosterone) will not be able to get the testosterone.) This is difficult for the doctor because testosterone tests show how much testosterone is in your body but not how much your body is actively using. They usually prescribe a minimum dosage first and see how your body reacts to the changes. Transitioning is still experimental because every person is a little different. What the doctor pays very close attention to is the affect of the hormone therapy on your body. If your internal organs start to fail then the doctor may reduce or remove hormone therapy all together. Without doctors help you increase your risk of permanent injury or death. It is both the blocking of testosterone and introduction of estrogen that work together for feminization. Estrogen is extremely dangerous and blood clotting is a very serious side effect and I learned the hard way. Risks vs. Benefit.
  2. Do not lose hope. It is my understanding that we continue to have protection under the law under sex discrimination. For example I am now legally female. If I am criticized for how I look or dress my understanding is that after first requesting the harassement to stop I may file a complaint as sexual harassment for sex discrimination, picking on what I look like. Has anyone else heard this. I read it from literature from Lambda Legal. So guys where pink boys and ribbons all you want. They can fire you for being transgender but not for looking transgender please help me with this one, I want to make sure I understand this difference. Where there are dress codes this would affect clothing and makeup, but if you follow the dress code of the female very closely, I would think you could present as long as is one or the other. But you can't say that you are transgender or claim to identify with the opposite sex gender or claim gender identity issues, just that you wish to dress a certain way is personal preference. Simply that you chose that dress code. Ideas please. There is a way around this. As a transgender person I would chose the job without a dresscode and then dress what represents me. These are ideas I am grasping from all of this, anyone want to add to this or clarify the alternatives for us. That I am legally female may be a key factor in this case but I am not sure.
  3. oh and one more thing. People are definately missing some very clear reasons for some of the effeminate children in the world. Hormones and how the body processes these hormones. Many boys are born without the ability to process testosterone, they will have high voices and maybe even have feminine mannerisms, this is natural. Somebody please educate this man, someday he will be so embarassed for all of his lack of understanding. How does he get away with this. Amie
  4. This person is so uneducated. I would love an opportunity to debate him. He represents the core of our problems with hatred and bigotry. He clearly represents an example of stereotypes in america. And I don't care who he is or who he works for, I would not be scared to stand up to him. I will channel this energy into writing. This is perfect evidence as to why we ask for laws and protection This person should have to sit in a hospital for labor and delivery for a month. Let him see some real intersex defects for himself, let him meet the parents. Some people will never change their attitude so they become a threat by turning other people against us. All in the name of religion. Understanding transgender starts with understanding very obvious intersex conditions. The studies are there, the science is there. I think this guy is gay. So maybe suzzy is both a boy and a girl so what does he think then? should suzzy who is also tommy where a dress? He needs to have his balls crushed "figuratively". I suppose a high dose of Spironolactone might do the trick for him. He thinks he was healed but inside he is suffering. Since he can't be himself, he is seeing to it that he can make every other child suffer as he did inside. This is my opinion but very plausible, I believe.
  5. I published a book about my experience

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  6. I published a book about my experience

  7. I published a book about my experience

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  9. amie

    Transistioning Without Hormones?

    I reached a point of total acceptance of myself before I started hormones, I also felt that I had found the woman buried within me and I just needed to know it was ok. What convinced me to go on with hormone therapy was the knowledge that as I got older that I would age as a man and it would get more difficult as time went on as I was starting to lose my hair. However after my surgery I realized how much the medical community does not know what will happen next. There are many questions that remain. Many risks with each medical intervention. Because I finally accept myself I am more afraid of any further surgery because now I actually want to live! The combination of Mental Therapy along with Hormone therapy was a good balance for me. But it also important to be open to the consequences and permanent nature of the results. Acceptance means so much and First Impressions are very significant. It is far more possible to be accepted where people do not know ones past gender than when forced to confront family and friends of the past. What is really interesting is that through my own changes I have gone back to my home town and stood right next to people I have known for years and they did not recognize me. There is much peace about being able to start over. I believe that hormone therapy makes life easier in public not just about subtle physical changes but about human scent as well, hormone therapy changed the subconscious odor that is present in human beings different between men and women. When I was off estrogen for 3 months I noticed a difference in how my spouse reacted toward me. When I went back on hormones she became more separate from me and less interested, there was very little physical changes it was more about the smell. Anyway just a little food for thought. Hormones or no hormones should not stop anyone from doing there best to be themselves. Amy
  10. Happiness is finally having some routine in my life

  11. I am very happy to have completed transition and become accepted in my new identity. However with very little support from friends and family of the past. The stress of keeping up each day is starting to take its toll on me. I was hired full-time in a job in which everyone that surrounds me on a daily basis does not know of my past, Nor do they give me any inclination that they even think that I have ever been anything other than who I am now. Because I could not afford any type of hair removal I successfully chose plucking in order to get me by. I pleasantly report that the plucking succeeded in reducing my hair growth dramatically and the hairs come back thinner and lighter. However the only way to completely eliminate beard shadow would be electrolysis or laser. The shadow occurs from the pigment that is located at the base of the follicle. Even cis-gender women can have this problem, so I do not feel completely out of place.. I do spend at least 1/2 hour each day doing maintenance on my face to keep looking feminine and fresh, but there really isn't that much to pluck unless I skip a day. But since I first plucked, I have not shaved and this growth has slowed significantly. Since Hormones have also helped me, I do remember reading that over time Estrogen may cause the facial skin to thin out a bit, revealing more of the shadowed pigment underneath the skin. So how does this affect me??? I feel more self conscious about having a shadow because I do not and cannot have anyone talking about or guessing about my identity. However I have seen cis-gendered women with more shadow than me so half of these feelings may be in my head. Words cannot express what it is like to have to dress professionally 24/7. I went from never being able to dress up to having to follow a strict professional dress code which requires things like dresses, skirts, nylons and fine leather shoes. I have gotten used to this now, but I sincerely miss the days when I could just get up and be casual once in while. Well I am so tired I can't stay awake. I sleep in hotel rooms every night and end up keeping my makeup on through the night just in case someone were to pull the fire alarm forcing me to leave the comfort of my room. More to follow.......... Amie
  12. amie

    Female Vocabulary

    Go to a busy salon for a perm or hair color, you'll be in there long enough to hear everything.\ There are nice women and rough women. If you want the most acceptable recognized female than you want to be exceptionally nice and by all means become a great listener. Ask questions that another person is dying to answer and talk about. Give Compliments gently and really care about the other person. For many years there were basically women nurses. This is because socially women were raised to be good caregivers and nurturers. You must think with care and concern and sincerity if you want to tap into this circle. You do not have to be caddy or cause gossip to be accepted. Being nice will get you further. And put a permanent end to responding with a loud voice or swearing. I have heard plenty of women use the F word but I think they get it from their relationships with men. I am very happy among women who are classic in their everyday language. and yes I have heard Hun or Honey, Dear, and girl, way to go girl, that's so nice, you are beautiful, show emotion, allow emotion, don't be afraid to cry. What more can I say. It is quite easy if you start hanging around women instead of men and if you are presenting as female then over time you will really hear the difference as the women open up even more to real women. Women are not necessarily as sweet as you may think once they know a man is not in the room. It all depends. I wish the best for you and your future. Amie
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