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    art , pop or classic music, and sci-fi movies, and cuddling with my boyfriend. And seeking sex change options i was born male but was ment to be fem.
  1. just got the computer up so i'm back

    1. PlagueBubonic


      Very Cool ..xD have fun with it...LOL

    2. dainna


      good morning all

  2. just got the computer up so i'm back

  3. dainna

    I Found My Happy

    i'm happy for you really big step a good step love dainna
  4. dainna

    Rule's Rule's Rule's

    rules of the trangendered is not the same as the rule's of the rest for instincts if a transfem dresses fem he still has to use the mens restroom because he has both a male lisence and male orgains but why cant there be a unisex restroom every where for our kind there's a handycap restroom every where. If we get pulled over we have to give a given name rather than a name given to our sexuallity, I also know there are those who would take an unlawful advantage if it were so but if a diagnoses were given it should be aloud regardles of the actual sex tell me you're thoughts on the subject. a. sex should be law. b. sex should adjust by sexuallity. c. who cares?
  5. dainna

    Cleaning Out the Closet

    yes on both a transfem like me learns she can't use the ladies room do to law and body parts how ever the mind is fem.
  6. dainna


    the true gift is to look past the flaws of the gift and seeing it's potentual
  7. wishing all a merry christmas

    1. tbirdgal


      Uh Thank ya , thank ya vury mucha..........

  8. dainna

    Learn to laugh >^.^<

    sorry i think we need to help others understand in order to calm the fear in witch causes ignerance in the first place its served me well in the past.
  9. dainna

    Bad Day!!!

    never as bad as could be huh hunn
  10. dainna


    I was reading a blog on google+ today and it was about george michaels to how i was a big fan and had a very big crush on. any ways he's in the hospital with severe pneumonia were as a group of christians were praying for his passing on while he was in recovery. i thought to myself what has this world come to they wanted him to die because his belief was differnt than theirs no i sent him a message on the internet "please get better michael we need your music in this world " as a christian i think we need to pray for a persons health and well being not their demise that aint no way for a christian to act and i wanted to let each and all know this.
  11. dainna

    Criticism!...How do you respond?

    so true never let any thing stand between you and youre growth life is to short to hate
  12. dainna

    Beware of where you go!

    Good advice i always found the courage to face my threats but it wasn't easy.
  13. dainna

    Don't lose hope............

    youre blog is full of hope as well keep up the good work hunn people need things to look forward to
  14. dainna

    Things have a way of working out.

    I was always a shy person growing up in a religous family adopted by my grand parents but when my parents died i made new friend in new places one was a gay couple of lesbians i helped raise their kids as though they were my own and they in turn ask me to just be myself note i grew up in a small town in the 70's and 80,s so i always crossdressed in private I'm a trans fem. well one day i went out side without thinking and took a walk while in full drag by the time it hit me i also realized not many were paying me any mind so i slowly came out by the time i told my family they acted supportive but i havent heard from them since but while on the internet i met this person i thought was a friend from school and reunited the more we talk the more i realize it's my birth mother and i also come to find there are 4 other gay relatives on that side of the family. The moral of this story is for every bad thing that happens something good happens in return and for every hater there is a new friend in return. p.s. read my book forbidden life of dainna it is about the bad in my life and how we over come those diversities i really need the feed back and thanks for reading this my thought.
  15. dainna

    You never know when it's going to happen but...

    a momentace day for all like us