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  1. Char added a post in a topic: Locked topic in Transgender Discusion is out of date   

    Good morning, the Transgender Discusion Locked Topic on VA Hospital care for Transgender patients is out of date and should be deleted. 
    They are comming around. There are currently Transgender Care Clinics in 4 of their hospitals around the country.
    peace, Chara
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  2. Char added a post in a topic: Issues concerning Stealth   

    Keeping it hidden, even from a spouse often requires stealth or sneaky techniques. This could be the place to discuss those topics.

    For instance, does anyone use a PO box for mail order that you don't want comming to your home?
    - is it effective keeping all associated advertising mail away from you at home, or does some leak through to your RL?
    - do you use the Post Office or a third party establishment such-as a copy store?
    - do you take out the box in both your real name or enfemme name? Any problems associated with that?
    - other
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  3. Char added a blog entry in Char's Blog   

    Wow, been a while.
    Manifesto of Chara Jo

    The world sees me a man, I am not!

    My brains sees me a woman, it is fooled!

    Truth both visible and invisible, I am both, and I am neither!

    I am the third gender, I travel apart.
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  4. Char added a post in a topic: The Ahh Bra   

    Ok, I bought one one ebay and I am wearing it right now. And ya know, it really is very comfortable.
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  5. Char added a post in a topic: Online Magazine   

    Check it out:

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  6. Char added a post in a topic: hi all, anyone help?   

    why not pick up a subscription to Cosmpolitan Magazine. It is loaded with makeup and other beauty tips... plus it is a fun read.
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  7. Char added a post in a topic: McDonald's Employee Films Brutal Beating of Transgender Woman   

    I don't agree with Gennee's last statement. You can't condem the innocent bystanders from not becomming actively involved. You can't tell if any of them are on their cell phones trying to call police for instance. There are not many in regular people in this day and age that will get themselves into someone elses business. It has been show time and time again that the person who puts him or herself into a volitile situation like this either gets heralded a hero (as in the case of the lady that did get involved) or most often gets sued by the perpertrators or the establishment. Other than being a good witness, the common person just doesnt have the STANDING to place themselves into the incident. You can't say that this attack was TG biased or even a hate crime because in the video interview of the victim that I saw, she said things that indicated that she was being treated as another any GG would in similar circumstances. Thus the severity of the criminal charges being only that of assault. And brutal as it seemed, unless it resulted in serious injury of death, the juveniles get abjucated in juvenile court and the adults go to district court as is right and proper in this country.

    Of course there are a thousand other factors that could be brought into this viewpoint such as race, social economic conditions, and the type of neighboorhood the attack took place in, but I am not typing very well today since I am currently suffering form tendonites or more commonly "tennis elbow"

    Peace my friends, Chara

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  8. Char added a post in a topic: Larger Shoes and Sandals   

    I found some that actually fit:

    Another $200 spent... maybe this should be in the forum: I spend too much for clothes. LOL

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  9. Char added a post in a topic: Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    How about a privacy deck where the neighbors cannot see. Or perhaps a boat in the middle of a large lake? Of course then there is the DNR Cops to worry about out in the lake. One hot day, i went out and mowed the lawn in my Jog Bra... it was a thrill and I got some nice tan lines. I even waved at some of the neighbors. Sunglasses are such a protection. Of course that was about ten years ago and I was much thinner then. LOL
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  10. Char added a post in a topic: Favorite Colors   

    I like the various shades of purple and violet. Like the color and smell of a Lilac bush in the spring time.

    "Your turning VIOLET, Violet!" <-- Oh Willie Wonka, you're precious.

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  11. Char added a post in a topic: Larger Shoes and Sandals   

    hello ladies,

    does anyone have any good resources for large sized shoes?

    I was blessed with a women's size 14 shoe. I am also 76 inches tall (( that sounds so much nicer that 6 feet 4 inches LOL )) I need to find a nice pair of sandals for the upcomming nicer weather.

    Sling Back's are also good if there is not more that an inch heal. you shorter ladies are so lucky that you can wear a sexy high heal without getting a nose bleed from the altitude.

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  12. Char added a post in a topic: Forum question   

    Thanks UsernameOptional that did the trick...

    But I have another question. In most of the blogs here and in mine --- it says Category: Unclassified or something like that. Any idea what this is all about?

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  13. Char added a blog entry in Char's Blog   

    Interesting Reading in the T-Girl Dating Guide
    TGirlAmber distributes a Dating Guide called, "T-Girl Dating Guide."

    It is a very nice read.

    In the chapter:

    "How should you address me and other T-Girls" starting on page 9, she provided a very complete glossary of terms. In reading this section, I learned a few things about myself that I did not even know.

    In fact, I am going to get my yellow highlighter out and mark up the glossary for everything that applies to me. That way on those "blue days" when I begin to hate myself, I can re-read it and remind myself that I am special in ways that most of this world's souls cannot begin to understand.

    So a big thank-you and Hug goes out to Amber for the convienient reality check.
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  14. Char added a post in a topic: Married to a FTM   

    As the Transgendered portion of LGBT develops, society will find that Transgendered is the most diverse. Gender cannot be contained by the absolutes of MALE / FEMALE / GAY. There are blendings of these and new terms to be defined. I say find one that you are comfortable with and consider the narrow viewpoint of other people as simply ignorant. If they are close-other-people, attempt to educate, if not learn to disregard.

    Peace my friends, Chara Jo
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  15. Char added a blog entry in Char's Blog   

    Rebounding from a purge... it that the right word?
    Hi girls,
    I use to have a fabulous wardrobe. Then on several stange days, I threw them out Now I am collecting outfits again. Maybe I just love shopping for clothes... I don't know. Maybe I love the feelings of danger while shopping for outfits while in DRAB.
    I had a lot of confidence shopping today at yet another Goodwill Store. It was full of women and a few men doing their own shopping. I guess if you shop with confidence, who is going to challenge you?
    I have back-up plan if I ever do get challenged by someone, especially if I run into someone i know. My storyline would be that I have a part time reseller business on ebay and womens clothes are always an easy sell. I could even be daring and talke about a big Cross Dresser Clientel --- followed by a little knowing wink and a smile.
    In fact I am pondering on making a few sales on ebay anyway. Especially for items that dont fit well or items that need a new home. I was even thinking of getting some business cards made with the TRANSGENDERED graphic on it and my Manifesto printed on the back.

    Peace my Friends, Charla Jo
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