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  1. Char

    The rabbit pokes her head up and takes a quick look around. LOL

  2. Char » RoyalBrookeness

    Nice intro above in the About Me section. It is a pleasure to meet you. You sound very interesting... you should start a blog.

  3. Char

    Thank-you friends for the warm birthday wishes.

  4. Bonnie » Char

    Happy Birthday, Char!

  5. Lori » Char

    Happy Birthday!

  6. stephani » Char

    What Admin was here and forgot to say Welcome to the forum . well well well , LOL , I will and also would like to say welcome to tgguide , looking forward to reading your blog as well as any posts you feel you need to chime in on or start .

  7. Char

    Ever feel like two souls? I wonder what if feels like to be just one.