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  1. Allen added a post in a topic: JC Penney Tall and Large Sizes   

    I was actually shopping there today. I got myself a nice pair of slacks and a white dress shirt for a great price. :D
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  2. Allen added a post in a topic: Transsexual Woman Ticketed for Using Ladies Room   

    We'll be staying at a different hotel far enough away that we were going to use a tram to get from our hotel to the convention hotel, so the first suggestion is out unfortunately. There's so much going on at once that bathrooms will probably be unpredictable and probably crowded. I can't tell if there are any single stall/family/handicapped restrooms from the tiny maps they have up online, but I'll make sure to check on that when we get there. Thank you so much for the advice.
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  3. Allen added a post in a topic: Transsexual Woman Ticketed for Using Ladies Room   

    This worries me for a convention I'll be attending in Dallas in June. I've only been confronted twice for using the men's restroom, oddly enough both times by Asian males, but I don't want to be arrested or ticketed for it. It's a hotel, so I don't know if that'll make any difference. :unsure:
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  4. Allen added a post in a topic: Electronic Arts, Video Game Producer: Opposing Gay-Inclusive Games Is 'Political Harrassment'   

    I looked at the title of the article, and it had me a little uneasy since I really enjoy multiple EA games. After reading the article, I feel like clocking some more hours of Dragon Age Origins and the Sims 3. In both games, I've got gay relationships going, so I'm glad they aren't caving under the pressure.
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  5. Allen added a post in a topic: that "bulge"?   

    My Peecock 3-in-1 STP packer came in a couple of months ago, and it does everything that it is advertised to do quite well. I bought mine with a strap since I like wearing boxers. It was quite expensive, but for all the functions and the use I get from it, I'd say it was worth the price and the wait it took to ship. It's very natural looking and has great heat transference. A word of warning though, the play strap cannot successfully be used for the peeing function (in my experience). It fits nicely into boxer briefs or briefs without needing a strap and stays pretty secure even when working out. A strap is necessary if you want to wear boxers, which I like the freedom of boxers. I'm not out at home yet, but I've been wearing boxers for years. I do my own laundry and buy my underwear myself, so I wear what I want. My parents shame me for it on occassion, but it's worth it because they're so comfortable.

    I started out using a rolled sock for a packer and used to safety pin it into my boxers, and it worked pretty well until my peecock came in. It can be worn without the pin in briefs or boxer briefs, though I'd be cautious with it. As for making a natural looking bulge, I agree with Jak about looking at pictures of bulges in magazines and books and try to copy that. Different fitting clothing makes the bulge more or less apparent.
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