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  1. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: Bullying and Hate Video   

    OMG OMG The first video in this thread made me cry. So real and brave and threatend and and and everything. OMG
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  2. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: Transgender Inmates   

    Hmmmm I am thinking that being in prison and being transgendered has got to be really rough.
    I've got to think you'd probably be threatened with violence several times each day.
    Does not sound like a good way to pay for treatment at all.

    I also agree that people are going to be upset about paying for this. It will be an excuse to blame us or single us out as a problem. In this case, they would have a pretty good argument.
    I don't want to seem ungrateful either, but it seems like a bad idea to me.
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  3. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: For Transgender Americans, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Not Enough   

    GLBT..........where I the bible belt............Even the GLB part is not acceptable to most, let alone the T.

    There are places we can go and be accepted, so I don't have to live in the closet, but it is hard. In fact, the vast majority of the people here are still a little racist, let alone accepting of GLBT's.

    At work, the GLB's do pretty well. We have a few outs in management positions. That being said, a T started work here and a lot of people vocalized disgust. She didn't last long. I don't know if it was the social ragging or some other reason but she quit within a week.

    Also, I will aslo say that in terms of acceptance, the L's have it the best. Almost no one bats an eye at the L's. G's and B's follow behind. G's are not accepted by a lot of people and B's are not accpeted by the gay community. T's have it the worst.
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  4. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: Discharged Transgender Army National Guard Veteran   

    The fact that this person is so well decorated really hits home with me. She has enough medals to fill a trunk and they discharge her anyway. The number of medals indicates that she really does an excellent job. How do they justify discharging one of thier best?
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  5. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: New TG CD wanting to go out   

    I did it......................I went out last night in full makeup and a cute blouse with some jeans.
    I went to a gay bar I have visited before. I thought that last night was drag queen night....but I was wrong. It didn't really matter, though I didn't see the show.
    All went well...........I even stopped by quicktrip to get the DJ at the bar a sandwich.
    It was really not such a big deal once I got started....I had fun
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  6. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: gaff question   

    Actually, it was a home made pantyhose gaff.
    I am ordering some gaffs....I hope they will be better than the homemade thing I saw on utube...
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  7. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: Woman Gets Prison Time For McDonald's Beating   

    That is the kind of sentence that will do some good.

    That's not a slap on the wrist,

    Kudo's to the judge,
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  8. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: Transgender person shot in D.C.; 3rd such attack this summer   

    That is so awesome.

    I hope he was the one responsible for all of the attacks and this will end
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  9. pinkkoala added a comment on a blog entry: Cried last night   

    I cannot think of a more romantic comment for a lover to make.


    Poetry is not silly.
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  10. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: gaff question   

    I have been lookiing into gaffs.
    I have tried the home made versions, and I think they actaully make me feel more masculine, not less.
    Is there a good gaff that doesn't make you feel your, ahem, feel your male genitalia all the time?
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  11. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: Transgender person shot in D.C.; 3rd such attack this summer   

    This seems to be an ongoing thing in DC.
    It is sad to see hatred of this type.
    It seems to me that people are always looking for an outlet for hate. It seems that right now, we are the most socially acceptable targets.
    We should strive to change this. It can be done. In the past the main target was persons of color. That problem has not gone away, but the differance between opinions in 1950 and 2011 is pretty extreme. Most of the racists I know have some black friends. The gay community at large has made some progress on this, but have not come nearly so far. I believe TG persons are probably at the bottom of the list.
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  12. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: Voice   

    I have been doing some more analysis of muscles and the voice issue. I have had a couple of revalations

    A. There are two area's of your face we are going to focus on. This is a tactile lesson. You will be using your fingers to explore your throat and neck.
    B. Talk. While talking, place your fingers just below your chin. If the muscles between your chin and your laranyx are tight, you are probably blowing it.
    C. Talk. Feel the very base of your neck, at the sides. If these muscles are tense, they will also make you sound male.
    D. This is a ganeral technique I have begun to use and it is hard to master. Speak from just above the base of your throat. Keep the back part of your mouth as open as you can. Enunciate with your lips when possible.

    This technique is an art form and hard to master. I think points B and C above may clue you in to ways to reduce outright failures in female pitch. I believe the most important part of the female vocal tone is attitude, but the pointers above may help when your attitude is right and your tone is all off.
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  13. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: Voice   

    Love you too Steph

    Also....singing is a good teacher. When you sing, you have to adjust your attitude continuallly. Sometimes you listen to the music to grab your tone and pitch........sometimes you relax and sing when your on the right track.....and sometimes you let it really let go and sing your heart out (or maybe let loose and enjoy yourself is a better description).

    It takes practice.........

    For me I find I am sometimes too stressed or tired for it........I can't do a female voice on a friday.........

    Any one have any tips for feeling and acting more feminine when stressed?
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  14. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: Voice   

    I guess tension would be a better word than flexing.
    I thnk the most important part is to keep eveything above the adam's apple relaxed. Any tension above the adams apple will cause you to sound boyish.
    However, the muscles below the adams apple are important as well. If you relax the lower muscles you can also sound like a boy.
    I do not mean flex really, more like taut, or even active. I really am not suggetting you actually flex your throat. And it is more a gentle tautness than a hard tautness.
    I might describe it as singing from the base of my neck. Try focusing on your lower neck muscles when you talk. The muscles here should be the ones most in use.
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  15. pinkkoala added a post in a topic: Voice   

    I should also have stressed that tension in any muscles above the Adam's apple will throw you way off. This includes the muscles at the base of the face, between your neck and your chin.
    It is not really about relaxing everything either. If everything is completely relaxed you will sound fake.
    Recap.........all muscles above the adam's apple need to be relaxed. The base of the neck needs to have the most attention.........the area between the base of your neck and your adam's apple can be flexed, but not as much as the base of your neck.
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