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  1. LaDiosaK

    Behind The Scenes Vlogs!

    Yesterday I Also Uploaded My First Vlog! What Embarrassing Footage Of My Studio Before Remodeling! http://www.youtube.com/user/LaDiosaK
  2. LaDiosaK

    Published First Release!

    Yesterday I Published My First Song On Soundcloud! It Was Scary But Exciting Too! https://soundcloud.c...der-water-dance
  3. LaDiosaK


    Thanks for the info Lori!
  4. LaDiosaK

    Indie Recording Artist

    Thank you all so much! I will keep you posted!
  5. LaDiosaK

    Indie Recording Artist

    The Music! OMG Where Do I Start? Long Story Short I've Dreamed Of Being An Entertainer Since I Was 10 Years Old. Dad Wouldn't Hear Of It, Mom Helped Me Dream It, And When I Was 28 I Received My Degree In Recording Engineering & Video Production. Now I'm Going For It! I Have My Little Home Studio Going On And I'm Putting Around 100 Songs To My Music. Granted Since I Love Hitting The Clubs, Most Of Them Are House Music And Dance Tracks! But I Have Other Styles Go Through My Head As Well. The Process Seems To Never End Once I'm Awake And Get Moving. A Crazy Thought Will Come To Me And The Next Thing I Do Is Make A Song Out Of It! I Plan To Release Tracks Summer 2013. Have You Noticed The Love That Transmen & Transwomen Are Getting In The Entertainment World?
  6. LaDiosaK

    Survival Booklet

    The Second Book That I'm Working On Is A Survival Booklet. Well It's A Booklet Size Now And I Want To Author It A Quick Simple Read. This One Struck Me One Night As I Was Thinking About Everything That I Go Through Just To Be Myself. From Depression, To Family Haters, To Passing 24/7, To Surviving On Dollars A Day! I Figured That I Can Help Someone Else With Their Journey By Sharing Mine. So Why Not Write About It? I'm So Sick And Tired Of The Way Tabloid/Gossip Talk Shows Portray The Trans Community! Our Mission Is To Be Our True Selves. Not To Look Horrible In Public And Trick Straight Men Into Bed! We Are Looked Down Upon As It Is. No Thanks To The Media! Anyway I'll Be Sharing The Book Outline Soon And Will Be Open To Suggestions On Content I May Want To Include. What Survival Topics Would You Like To See Addressed By Any Author?
  7. LaDiosaK


    The First Book Is My Autobiography Where I Have Recorded My Life's Journey. After Being Terminated From My Last Job In January 2010, I Had Plenty Of Time To Reflect And Finally Get Everything Down On Paper. I'll Admit That I Was Burned Out By The Time I Finished The Rough Draft. It Made Quite An Impact On Me Because Through All Of That Writing I Genuinely Got To Know Me! I'm Working On The Second Draft Now And Hope To Have It Completed Before The Winter Is Over. It's Not Like I'm Going To Escape Ohio's Brutal Cold Weather Any Time Soon! Then I Can Decide On The Books Formats. Since I'm Working With An Extremely Shoestring Budget I Was Thinking An Ebook Before The Actual Print Version. Any Suggestions? Thanks!
  8. LaDiosaK

    Glad To Be Back!

    I'm So Glad To Be Back! It's Been A Tough Few Months! I Am Writing My Autobiography, Survival Booklet, New Music And Behind The Scenes Material So I Have A Lot Of Exciting Projects Going On! The Books Are In Their Second Drafts. As Chapters Are Complete I'll Be Revealing Excerpts As Soon As Possible! Thanks So Much To All Of You Who Are Following My Personal Blog & Facebook Page! Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated And Will Never Go Unnoticed!
  9. Hello Lori! I would like to change the name on my account. How do I go about doing that! Thanks
  10. LaDiosaK

    Transgender Bloggers Wanted: Share Your Journey

    Great ideas for blogging Lori, I'll give 'em a shot! Thanx!