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  1. You're so perfect for me♥

  2. We broke up, but I'm fine. He hardly talked to me as it is.

  3. Alex is finally home!!!! So happy♥

  4. Alex is finally home!!!! So happy♥

  5. I'm looking at you through the glass. Don't know how much time has passed. Oh god it feels like forever but no one ever tells you that forever feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head.

  6. One of these days I'm going to stand on a really tall building and shout out to the world for all of them to know: "I'M UP WAY TOO HIGH AND I'M SCARED!!" Then I'll come down and feel relieved that I got it out of my system.

  7. jasperrosex

    There is a difference!

    It's unreal how many times in a day people ask me the same kind of question when they learn I'm an FTM transgender. It seems to be common for people to ask if I want to be a man because I like women. No, I like men. I'm highly attracted to men. Gay men. I'm a very dominant person by nature. Then I have to explain further. It's not a want to be a man it's a need. My inner self and my outer don't match. I wasn't meant to have breasts and a vagina. I was meant to be a man and it's a deep true feeling. It's not easy to explain but that's about the easiest way to explain it. Then they ask me how I have sex. And then it's awkward because I will tell them and they get a little grossed out and defensive. It's not my fault they asked. ~shrug~
  8. jasperrosex

    My sister

    I was at my sisters house recently for a few days and she said something to me that kind of made me laugh. My sister is a hardcore lesbian and is often called a dike because she's very boyish. She believes that dike is a bad word. But anyway, someone asked her because she's a lesbian if she wanted to be a boy. She said that the term for that is transgender not lesbian. The person then asked her what the difference was. She said "I'm a lesbian and I like my vagina, I don't want a penis. My little 'sister' on the other hand is a gay boy in a girls body. She wants a penis. That's the difference." When my sister told me this, I initially laughed. A little while later I looked at her and said "you use me to explain the difference?" She then told me she only uses me because I'm the only person like me that she knows. I was honestly okay with it. Overall, I love my sister very much. She's known since I was little about my gender issues and supports me probably the most out of everyone. I know if my sister had the money, she'd help me along with my journey, but there isn't really much she can do. Her just supporting me and being there for me is amazing.
  9. When all else fails, dance in your underwear.

    1. PlagueBubonic


      Cool!! I never thought of that to make me happy!! LOL Thanx ;)

  10. Incontently missing Alex.

  11. Welcome, thanks for the friend add :)

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      You're welcome ^^