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    Lowell, Ma.
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    Friendships, pen-pals, love, romance. I don't watch any TV only movies and "NO" not porn (hehe) I love to chat, talk, and have real conversations with real people. I am supportive and hope to find others here who can be or are as suportive. I love flowers, walks along the river, and fireflies. I am a hopeful and loving woman who like all want to be respected.
  1. Still have the sniffles Brrrrr.....!

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    2. Lori


      I'm getting over a nasty cold too

  2. OMG I hate a wet sweaty bra on me !

    1. tbirdgal


      Look for the cotton bras if yer gonna be real active .

  3. Feeling SO relaxed but a busy dat tomomorrow

  4. Just got home from the local 7-11 and the boys just couldn't help themselves, they undressed me with their eye's. :D

    1. tbirdgal


      saddly Teenagers will do that . It's part of growing up

  5. omg hot flashes are just aweful........

  6. Well I for one loved the show, no not to educate me per say but having shows like this helps those whom I call hatters and ignorant people so they can see and possibly understand or perhaps they the viewer(s) might identify with everything and learn from it. So much credit to all who made the series possible, Thank you.
  7. ShelleyJo

    Transgender Bloggers Wanted: Share Your Journey

    omh this sounds so exciting I wanna say yes, but I need to be sure I can be 100% commited, ok?
  8. ShelleyJo

    70+sleeps to GRS

    Quote:"Will my new vagina look nice?" Beth of course your vagina will be beautiful ans you should not think otherwise. The important thing your crossing the bridge now and when you wake up all of this and what you were is all gone, sure you'll remember the good & bad but instead focus on your relationship and nurture each others love forever. Oh and congrats Beth you have reached your own bridge a bridge many won't ever get to reach so remember us and our struggles as you become complete, ok?
  9. Just made a new friend and she rocks !