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  1. jls

    Pooping (a serious topic)

    Thats awesome. Will you be staying local or traveling back home?
  2. jls


    oh wow, is the gas from procedure?
  3. jls


    wow, thats good to hear...
  4. Sorry disagree. Its very obvious they support him.
  5. jls

    Friends visit tonight

    YAYAy!!! Congrats!!!
  6. jls

    Hours later after surgery

    AWWW, I send my love and light and you have been in my prayers all day...xo
  7. jls

    I need a little guidance please!!

    This was a great thread. Very important questions to ask your self as well. Everyone made very valid points and I understood where everyone was coming from.
  8. jls

    My story published

    I would love to get this book..
  9. jls

    My Transsexual Summer

    I watched all these in one night....LOL
  10. Ok So i originally created a separate post not realizing that this was being discussed. His mom statement is just another statement that makes it sound more so. After Kim's response today, I am even more convinced that Bruce is transitioning... And all the childrens response has been the same tone as well , Good for Bruce, we await... Kim really in my eyes left the door wide open..
  11. Yes there are spelling errors...LMAO.. i just got excited....
  12. So there has been lots of speculation over Bruce Jenner transitioning. Well I just saw Kim K's response and to be honest, it sounds like he is. She left it vague but said they support him and he has the right to tell his story when he is ready. He is the happiest they have seen him. I think thats a very interesting response and I think its awesome. Though the bashing him needs to stop, maybe he isnt but considering the response, it very much sounds like it....HMMMMM....