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    having fun, meeting new TG women, bi-lingual, sports, dancing, movies, cuddle, sexy hips, g-strings, twerks, happy drug-free, non-smoker, and to learn more. Check me out!
  1. Hey wuz up? Just give me a message I'll hit you back up!

    1. MonicaPz


      Brian, did you get your password issue resolved? Have a wonderful Easter!

    2. UsernameOptional


      I've sent him a PM - I'm confused b/c if he lost his PW, I can't figure out how he could be signed in to tell anyone that

    3. MonicaPz


      Mike, my hope was that he got on board by responding to a TGGuide message that showed up in his e-mail (by clicking on the link), but he needs a password in case he wants to get on TGGuide without someone on TGGuide first attempting to contact him.

  2. Hello i'm new MTF woman, but it just seems like everyone is worried about the wrong things. Nevermind afew words used to describe you that were made up by someone else, we all have a gift call it what you want!
  3. just finisheded my new account, haven't had much time 2 rest so I'm out everyone

    1. MonicaPz


      Congratulations, Brian!