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    My politics are that I stand to the left of everyone on everything. I love shopping, and oh! the shoes!... I am working on my voice so I have a chance of passing as the woman I am. I like staying up to date with this forum group...and I wish more people were active in it. I love dogs. And the Liverpool Reds.

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I think I'm laid back...but that could be the meds I take.  I'm bipolar, so forgive me the odd disappearance from these rooms.  I have a sarcastic sense of humor that of course comes up in inappropriate times and places, so forgive me the wise crack here and there.  I like movies, especially science fiction, and English movies from the '40's and '50s, and the occasional disaster movie (especially if they destroy New York City; I grew up South of Boston).  I love music, everything from The Band to Pink Floyd and a hundred things in between.  I like makeup; it is the first thing people see in public places (which I am comfortable with, by the way).  I miss my kids- two ladies and a young man.  I like shooting.  There, I said it.  Zeroing in on a target (never an animal as I do not hunt) with various firearms is relaxing and fun (probably something I picked updating my 20 years in the Marine Corps).  But yes indeed we need much more gun control in this country. Hmmm...that's about it for now.  Cheers...