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    dress up, in feminine attire, in skirt, bra, heels , pantyhose, lipstick, etc. to hang out as "girls".. chat, laugh, enjoy in St. Petersburg, Florida. Willing to meet visiting friends on vacation at hotel, or wherever staying... to .... "show you around", I have lived here, a very long time, so, I know some cool places. Don't drink, or use drugs, smoke socially, not a heavy smoker, and respectful of others who don't.

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  1. Lexi

    Makeup problems

    With such a pretty and youthful face, you probably don't need much makeup at all. I would just say here... "less is more".. Here where I live, there are several places and ways to ask for help. One place, is actually a wig shop, and they are familiar with and used to male persons coming in to buy wigs, and they offer tips when fitting you with the wig. Some places are already used to these requests for help in different aspects, dressing, hair makeup and nails, I am sure..
  2. Denim skirt, (very short)... pantyhose and mule heels. Purple polish toes today. November 8, 2016...
  3. Relaxing in mule slip on heels, and a long... tank top.. it serves as a short dress. I want to find more, long tanks to wear as like a dress.. to cover.. "just enough".. I am not that tall so, some work, some don't. I have been visiting a site called "She In".. I like it.. great prices... and sizing charts galore, with personal feed back on fit and wear. I really like these slip on mule heels. I wear them a lot. I found them.. ( a size 11) at Peltz shoes for only $ 7.00 on clearance or closeout.. maybe just a good sale. I would buy them again for sure.. my foot is a little wide, but they still fit well, and are .. sooooo.. comfortable.
  4. Lexi

    How to Upload a Profile Photo

    Ta - daaaaa ! figured it out, sort of.. just need to adjust all the settings, sizes, % factor, etc... It is a good optimizer.. I like it.. not real user friendly, but it worked.. My avatar now shows up... Yay !!!! Here is the optimizer I found online, for free.. I needed to ... number one, "uncheck" the "compress file box"... Two, adjust the "pixel" or width size.. http://jpeg-optimizer.com/
  5. Lexi

    How to Upload a Profile Photo

    Ok... I found a .. photo editor that resizes the photo, but I don't know how to use it for here.. it resizes it, and it reduces it's size, but when I bring it in here.. it is the tiniest little box with an "x" in it.. and it says to... "drag and drop handles to resize or adjust photo".. and that does not work .. so now what? Here is the .jpg editor that I found. it is free, and really easy to use.... >>> http://jpeg-optimizer.com/
  6. Lexi

    How to Upload a Profile Photo

    I just wonder.. How are others able to, and some not? Also.. why such a stringent setting on the upload criteria? Isn't 100kb a bit small, given today's options and availabilities of most all programs to upload larger size photos?
  7. Lexi

    How to Upload a Profile Photo

    I already tried to reduce it in photo editor.. the new one, will not even do this.. I stripped away attributes, and everything.. It is what it is.. so.. I guess, I just can't upload a photo.. I want it to be of me, G rated of course.. this is not the site for anything other than that.. The weird thing is.. I don't use any fancy or special cameras, or cell phones that would cause the photo to be too large. So.. again, I will just be without a photo. Thanks for all responses. Lexi
  8. Lexi

    How to Upload a Profile Photo

    Ok... looking for... "member gallery" - - - The photo in this reply, is the one I am wanting to use in my profile.. I guess that would be the "avatar"...
  9. Lexi

    How to Upload a Profile Photo

    I keep getting this message, when I try to upload a photo.. "1 file was larger than the maximum file size of 100kb, and was skipped " How can I upload a photo.. ? It is just a simple photo.. I don't know why this is happening. The file info.. on my photo says.... 566.3 KB - I looked for ways to reduce this to under the 100kb limit.. but found no help.. I don't think that my photo editor software does this.. Thanks, Lexi
  10. I keep trying to upload a profile photo, and... it always, always says... "file size too large"  ???   What is the limitation? How can I tell?  What can I do, if anything, to reduce the file size, so that I can put... something... anything in the profile photo spot.

    Please help... you were so helpful before... and quick, too.

    Thanks... LexiLexi_pink_toes_and_silver_shoes_black_br

    1. Lexi


      See that ? it was easy, and had no problems, but when the profile photo is attempted to upload, it won't


  11. Lexi

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Wow... lately people approaching me from behind, have been calling me "Ma'am".... often... like 3 times last week alone, since my hair is a lot longer, and legs are always shaved. I wear shorter shorts than most men, *and many women... lol .. Mid-thigh shorts or higher, I prefer higher, the shorter the better for me... I am liking it a lot.. but makes for some "awkward" moments... I like it though... says I'm doing something right... I don't go out "en femme" really, anymore.. just more feminine. Tonight though, I think I will push it more with short jean skirt, pantyhose, lipstick, heels, and painted toes.. It is a meeting that I go to, that is T-girl or crossdresser friendly, an LGBT group, sort of... I like to dress like that, and it is one of the few opportunities I have available, without shocking all of my family and friends... Great Item - see response below - Dawn
  12. http://www.metrotampabay.org/events/ 3251 3rd Ave. North, Ste. 125 St. Petersburg, FL 33713
  13. Lexi

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Administration helped me to change my name... and it is done already.... Yay !!!... thanks so much... I am now... "Lexi".... this is so much better than Joe7... lol...
  14. Lexi

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Oh.. I can see the whole picture now... thanks... those shoes are awesome... Mule heels... I just luv mule heels... easy on, and easy off, and show off bare heel, in hose or not... and the dress too,,, simple, looks like light material, I like that... soft and like wearing nothing... pretty, but not overly crazy flowery and girly... "Just right".... in femininity... Nice look, hon.
  15. Metro Wellness & Community CentersSt. Petersburg, Florida -This is a really helpful and supportive center with all kinds of information and events for people in St. Petersburg and Tampa areas. The Metro Wellness Center.... http://www.metrotampabay.org/ and.... the LGBT Welcome Center located nearby and is directly networked with the Wellness Center http://lgbtwelcomecenter.com/