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  1. Blair

    Take a look at my first ever youtube blog!! i think you guys will really like it and i honestly hope i can have the support from the transgender community. Please have a look and feel free to share and comment


  2. Blair

    One thousand, one hundred views on 'How i came out to my school'

    What is life, i am truly blessed. Its not just my message but all of our messages being sent out to the world

  3. Blair

    Whats on next for Blair Jamies blog???

    I should tell all about the top nasty comments said about my transition, everyone loves a little goss. 

    Or should i tell all about coming out to my family and how they have taken it all..


    So many options xoxoo


  4. Blair

    Hello there transgender world. 

    This is my first post and i thought what not better to do then to just say hello xxx

    I will be constantly making status and opening up topics. I love talking, helping and supporting fellow trasngender people. I do talks at my school and talk to anyone. 

    feel free to message me.