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The current landscape



With the elections over and seeing many in the transgender community worried what it's going to be like with the new president which really nobody can say for sure it might be prudent to consider worst case scenarios.

If I didn't have a passport this would be a wake up call to obtain one as at the current time for some it turns out to be difficult and in the future it may be even more difficult.

Medical needs and prescriptions, what can happen is of course unknown but consider worst case, those obtaining them for free may now need to pay for them while those that get them at a low cost, the price may go up.

Of course there are other things to consider yet personally these would be at the top of my list if I had not transitioned yet. Currently all my identification is under Karen Payne with a female gender marker yet so many in the community have not started, are stepping though the process and need to consider how things should be handled if things go sideways.

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TO be clear, it's not really the president I'm worried about.  It's the senators, congressmen, and lobbyists that have spent years building up thier constituancy on the idea that Christian religious values must be legislated and anyone who doesn't fit in them loses their rights.  I feel like as a country quite a few people have lost the ability to understand the difference between the freedom to practice their religion and make thier choices based upon that religion and turning that religion into a tyrrany for others by legislating it and forcing them on people with different or no religions in a country that was created with the intent to separate religion from state matters is so scary to me.  Not to mention the wave of harassment we're seeing all around the country by people on the streets around me. 

Trump will be what he's always been a dude on the tv far away from me.  But those people in the streets, there around me.  And using his televison persona (and who knows what the real trump is like) as justification for a lot of scary things. 

We focus too much on the president, and as a society don't pay enough attention to what is happening in congress and the senate. 

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