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Time passes



It's been away since visiting this site and would have been longer accept for getting several email messages for posts I have subscribed too.

The main reason for not being here is life is good and with nearly three years post-op I go months without even thinking about transgenderism. It use to be a daily thought because is took time for my new life to settle in.

What's not to like? Well when out in the backcountry of Oregon with the Miata club I drive with when there are no port-a-potties sometimes finding a decent place to relieve myself is not always easy. Explaining to a gynecologist, nope I have not had a hysterectomy, see page three of my application (notes I'm transgender), "Oh I'd never guess".

Lessons to others, if you do have full surgeries to become the inner you then and do it right (which granted is not always easy) by pre-planning and learning to adjust/fit in you have a good chance to get to that place where you have days that not being a cisgender female never crosses your mind. People (friends) who know will give say things like "you are such a girl" and you have that inner glow.

In closing, one of the best things happened to me recently, my son called and said "Karen" I'm planning a trip to Oregon (he lives in California) can I stay over for a night? Day one here we spent the day together which included a run in my Miata, did lunch and dinner along with talking about stuff. Never called me Dad, always Karen. This was the first time he has seen me since my surgery other than photos I've sent him. All in all no downsides to his stay for two days. My daughter is also accepting of my transition but since she is on the East Coast it's mostly talking on the phone. Last time she saw me was one year before my transformation. So I'm a happy woman now and hope the best for those on their own journey not matter the path. 



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Dear Karen,

Miss you, too. 

So glad to see you're happy. 😊

Am a lot happier since you heard from me last.

Regularly attend a trans/women's support group. 

Have made friends with a wonderful transwoman Lesbian friend and her partner.

Am on the waitlist for public housing in Seattle, WA (the waitlist in Portland, OR is too long).

Have gone to Fantasia Fair in P-Town, MA, last year and had a blast.

Exploring art two days a week at a senior adult day care (forgive the name - but it is has only 13 members, and I like the quiet ambience).

Am so glad we aware both happy!  😄

Your friend,


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Thank you Karen, your post gives me hope. I especially like to hear that your children are doing well. I have 2 boys and that has been my biggest concern. 

Thanks again!

live. Love. Learn 


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