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  1. So apparently I'm a "Inhuman, humanity lacking infant rapist" because of differing opinions on circumcision. 0.o

    1. Emma


      Good idea! I'll make a donation tomorrow.

    2. KarenPayne


      Made my donation :-)

    3. WarrenG


      thank you a billion you guys, you're awesome!!

  2. music, cars, art, notebooks....im easy to please XD

  3. Just got my xmas music downloaded and ready to roll!

    1. MonicaPz


      Warren, have been listening to Christmas music since November 1st. Really enjoy the "Yule Log" Fireplace video with Christmas music, started by WPIX Channel 11 many years ago. Christmas is my favorite holiday!

  4. Is it bad when you can feel yourself fading?

  5. "I'm a boy with brown eyes. But you're in love with his disguise. I'm sorry for the surprise, but your brown eyed girl is about to unfurl"

  6. Still trying to understand

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