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  1. Emma, I know it sucks being the object of hatred, if you need a shoulder, I'm here......
  2. Ex- wife had ME committed to Bethesda Naval hospital, why she's an EX!
  3. I made the mistake of talking to another Viet-Nam vet what I went through....NEVER again! Unknown to me, he called emergency services! I had just had a nap on the weekend, 6 medics at my door!!!!!!!!!!! They asked me my birthday, what year is it? I said SHUT up and get out! I just woke up! Then the next day, I get a call from the VA, stating someone reported me and do I need help? I told him people die waiting for your help!...He said we're getting better....I'm normal at work.....I went to them twice in the past, and they'd NEVER listen.....
  4. I've personally found, here in the US, get one size wider than your male size and wide......
  5. When crossing legs, don't forget women let the crossed leg hang down, men don't...
  6. Unfortunately, I HAVE a corset, just no one to tie it up yet.......
  7. Amie, please consider me as your friend as well...This is a TRUE story: I had to go visit a surgeon yesterday prior to some surgery, (no, not that kind of surgery yet) and had gotten my hand "sticky" on something on the counter while signing in. I knew they'd make me undress for the exam, so I just wore normal shorts, a polo shirt, and flip-flops to make it easy....I had on NO make-up or jewelry on of ANY kind, so I thought I should use the "mens" room. BOY was I WRONG! I was just finishing washing my hands, door opens, a guy glances at me, runs out, door opens again, he says and I quote: "Maam, do you realize this is the MENS room"? I feigned surprise! "It IS? OMG" and ran out past him saying, "sorry"..... I was bent over the sink and my shirt was leaning forward so he couldn't have seen my boobs! Sometimes I worry myself whether I pass or not, NO more!
  8. I swear by Dermablend! It's a little pricey but lasts forever. Just get a shade darker than your own skin......
  9. ​I personally use fruit of the loom cotton panties because they're comfortable and fit well...(size 6)
  10. ​Payless is my "Go to Store" for shoes...very reasonable too, not like what you're paying....I'm also an 11 wide shoe size....
  11. Gennee, I've found that I need a shoe size larger than what I wore as a male and wide width. I can only give you a guide as to what to purchase. I'm 5' 6" barefoot, 155 lbs. Bra 42A (38 band 41 @ nipple) skirt 12 or Medium Pants 17-18W Jeans 16W Short Jeans 13 Short W Tops/Shirt X-large Shoe 11-11 1/2 wide Dress 8-10 or Medium Swim suit 16W Waist size 12, panties 6 and low rise briefs (NOT hipsters) Hope this gives you an idea, as I don't know what you look like....
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