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  1. So I went to the support group today. I was nervous and it was nice to meet others with similar feelings as myself. I didn't talk much because I am very shy and was trying to feel things out as I always do. And before I went I got some crappy messages from my little sister and my mom. So I have blocked them from my Facebook Instagram and my phone. It is for the best. People who actually support you and care don't take advantage of you when your in a bad place and don't say that they are fine with you then judge you the whole time your being watched and eyes rolled and tell you how your gonna live. So my head wasn't in a good place today. It still isn't. And I took my son tricker treating afterwards. We went to a few neibors houses that we know and he dressed up as Batman he had a good time. He has some anxiety issues he gets really uncomfortable in crowds so we set it up with the neibors to do it tonight so he could still have the experience. Anyways that was my day. Some good mostly bad. And I am in a lower place now than I have been in a while. I guess just one more thing to talk to my therapist about.
  2. So Sunday I am going to a support group meeting for transgender I individuals. My Therapist suggested it. I had one visit and right off the bat within the first 2 min she asked me where I thought I was on the gender scale. And told me to keep in mind there were more than 2 genders. She seems really nice and easy to talk to. I have been slowly making comments to people and letting myself shine through a little bit. So far Everyone really doesn't seem to care much. And that's ok. I also am worried about what will happen if the trump Administration does change the wording of title IX TO MAKE SEX AND GENDER DEFINED AS BIOLOGICAL AND TOTALLY MAKE IT BASED ON WHAT YOUR ASSIGNED AT BIRTH. This is totally wrong And I feel like if that happens I will have to go back to what I have always been a lie and being miserable. I am ashamed to be an American at this point that this basic denial of human rights is even on the table. I hate the fact that one group of people is being singled out and tried to be erased. And not to mention all the scientific proof that it's not a mental illness and we actually do exist scientifically. All the studies that have been done. And now they want to make us disappear and take away basic human rights what's next concentration camps. This is really upsetting the feeling that we will be persecuted and not given the chance to even make a decision for ourselves. Makes me think real hard about moving North a few hundred miles from where I live and become a Canadian. I hear Toronto is very Trans Welcoming. And friendly.
  3. Well moving forward I am cutting contact with all my family except my ex wife and son. It is really messed up when the only person I have that accepts me and supports me is my ex wife. Her and I have a long story and well she says she loves me but won't do anything to show it to me. Just says it. She says she understands me but yet she doesn't because she thinks that me being trans and having these feelings I do is my mom's fault. No I have been like this as long as I can remember. I remember when my older sister was going through puberty I was like Damn I hope in a few years I am as pretty as she is. Then it hit me a few years later and No was like uh WTF this is not supposed to be me. I have felt off ever since. So I don't think my mom loving my sister's more and telling me I was supposed to be a girl and do girl things and then. All of a sudden is like your my son you don't dress like that or do those things anymore has everything to do with it. But it would be nice if she could at least accept me for me. And not look at me with disgust all the time. I probably won't speak to her again unless I absolutely have to.
  4. The therapist I got set up with seems to be very nice. She gets quite busy so my next appointment isn't until the first week of November. Then I am set for like every other week. She is very open minded about the whole transgender issues and their being more than just 2 genders. I mean I wasn't even all dressed up and within 2 min she was asking me where I think I fall on the gender scale and told me to keep in mind there were more than just two. That made me feel really well. She gave me her email in case I needed anything in between now and my next appointment. And her contact phone number and gave me who to contact at the local LGBTQ center in town about any resources they may know of besides the transgender support group. So hopefully it will help. A lot more flew at me this week. I have not spoke with my mom for about a month since she really the last time I saw her judges me silently for how I was dressed and gave me that same disapproving look of disgust she gave me when I was a kid and caught me dressing as a female. And my work took out double my child support so I can't even pay all my bills now. And they won't even return my calls or emails. I have to contact them through email to payroll since they are gone before I come in to work. And today was the 2 year anniversary of my brothers death. Anyways thanks for all the support. Again. ☺
  5. Tomorrow I start Therapy again. Its been a few years since I went to a therapist. With everything I have had on my plate it's a good thing for me to go. I need to have someone to talk with that isn't in my daily life. Well Heck that would be anyone lol since I don't talk to anyone at all daily. I am very withdrawn from society and people in general. Everyone in my life has always been so mean. I seem to attract mean and selfish users. Anyways I am hoping this will help me begin to realize I am fine. I am who I am. And maybe help me get to where I need to be.
  6. I have been reffered to a therapist My ins sucks so I don't have many options for them. Anyway I am supposed to here from them in a day or two. I hope that therapy will help me. I have a lot of issues not just my Dysphoria that I need to deal with. My Dysphoria is a very big one. But also the fact that I was shamed as a child for being me. Which leads to me shaming myself. Also the fact that the biggest supporter of me in my life was my older Brother who was taken from me tragically on Oct 12th 2016 in a motorcycle accident on the highway. And the fact that my ex totally mentally abused me for years. I also have been thinking of going to a support group for trans and non binary individuals it is held on the 14th Sunday of the month. So hopefully my ex can take out boy for a few hours so I can go. She said she is supportive of me but Idk I have heard that one before. Anyways I am hoping to feel better with myself because I need to be there for my son. And he is my number one goal in life to raise him to be accepting and caring. I see so much of myself in him. He is a caring sweet little boy. I also see at times his mother coming out and him being very hurtful at times and I know he is 4 but I want To stop that cycle now while I can hopefully. He is I think just torn to a point and doesn't know how to deal with his emotions because he is 4 he is very smart for his age almost too smart at times for his own good. I'm hoping that something will help and give me peace. Also I just said screw it and posted a transgender awareness video to my Facebook account. Hoping to maybe that will shed some light on things to my family and friends. My sister had posted a very hurtful message to me on a comment I made in my sister in-laws post so I blocked her. She is too hurtful to me. She has been since I was about 12. I have as little contact with her as possible taking steps to become the person I need to be and trying to be happy. It is challenging to say the least.
  7. I have a referral pending for a therapist. My Dr prescribed me another med for my depression. We will see how this helps or not. I know in my heart who I am and just don't know if I am strong enough to live the way I want to. But only time will tell. All I know is I am tired of hiding my true self. And tired of having to pretend to be something that I am not. I am very over emotional right now. And it's not good at all.
  8. The biggest thing I hate about me is being so misunderstood. People think that Me being different that its ok to call me names look at me funny. If I take my son to the park and other families are there I get looked at funny and round up their kids away from me. I don't look as a passable female at all. So I guess that means to them I am a predator or something. Being called names like freak and gay. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay but I don't identify that way. That is desperate from gender. I wish people were more informed and understanding. I am tired of being treated poorly. I just want to be me have fun raise my son. What's wrong with that? I have already lost all my friends and most of my family. I haven't even told them how I see myself. I mean Idk how I see myself Anyways. My ex told a lot of them about who I am at least in her eyes and outed me to them. So they know but I get no chance to defend myself or explain because it's just ignored. I am ignored by all. I have no one left. It a sad closed off world. Not to mention. Of the guys at work knew I would be made even more miserable. Everyone in my life is narrow minded. I am just tired. Its exhausting
  9. Kalamazoo, MI has a group at their LGBTQ resource center it meets 2 times a month It is called Transcend at their offices at Out Front it meets every 2 Wed. At 6:30pm And every fourth Sunday at 4pm. They are located at 340 South Rose street in Kalamazoo, MI 49001. If anyone is near there and needs support.
  10. I continue to grow as a person. I have been dealing with issues my whole life. Now that I am accepting myself as who I am meant to be I find it more freeing. I am wearing more of my bras and pretty much all female outfits in public now. My breasts are sore and my nipples hurt those have been for a while now. And I haven't even taken anything to create that at all. I guess I am a lucky one. Having an overactive pituitary gland has forced my hand and forced me to accept myself. Having a higher than normal estrogen level and lower testosterone levels. My hair is softer and my body hair is growing slower. I have been exfoliating with tea tree and mint body wash and a body buffer. My skin is so soft. I am finding that I am more caring than ever. But on the down side I am over emotional sometimes. I take offense to little things that shouldn't matter. I even bought some new panties yesterday and the woman in the checkout isle said nothing about it at all. It was no big deal. I even when I was looking at some in the lingerie dept a woman who worked in the dept. Asked if I needed any help. I said I am not sure. She said if you do let me know sweetie. If you need help finding your size or anything. That made me feel really good. It's nice when you have a good experience out. Tomorrow I have a Dr appt. For refills on my back scripts but I am also gonna ask her about my gender Dysphoria. And see what happens from there. I am gonna ask if she knows of a local therapist or anything. Idk if my ins. Covers med for transitions or not. But T blockers would help I think with my Dysphoria more. There are still so many things I look at in the mirror and go darn I look way to manly I hate it. I just want to be able to be myself and really be comfortable in my own skin. I am getting there it is gonna take a while. For almost 39 years I have gone between self loathing and hatred of my body and periods of time where I liked myself. Somewhat and then back to depression and anxiety over being not who I am. I have already lost most of my friends But whatever. Maybe I can make new ones. Idk only time will tell. Thanks to everyone on here for being so friendly and accepting and loving. And there is a support group that meets 2 a month here. But only one I can attend because of work. So I may go this month and see what that's all about. This site has saved me and I am so happy to have met you all. Thanks again
  11. Mikaylajane79

    Getting Caught!

    I myself have always wondered what if about everything in my life. For me as long as I can remember it has been what if I was born as a girl. Then my younger sister was born. My only full sibling and I look at her and say oh that is what I would have looked like. We look a lot alike. She is so pretty. Has a lot of the same hobbies as me. Always been much of a tomboy. My mom fought me several times called me disgusting and still she says nothing to me about who I am now. But still gives me that look of disgust when I am in more of a girl mood. I kinda swing back and forth depending on who I am around. I think I will always have to be that way.
  12. I wish more employers would do that. I mean you wouldn't deny someone health care for any other medical condition. Like heart problems lover problems. Dementia or bi polar disorder why do employers have to single out trans people. The health care system in America really sucks and really needs a complete overhaul just like most of the rest of the country does too. Our government allows discrimination especially now with Donald In office. There is a storm brewing and I think if the American people really say down and looked at the country and what the declaration of independence says a long with the original bill of rights that action is not only necessary but our right as free Americans to take action against a country that has done so much wrong in the last 60 year's or more to turn away from democracy and taking rights and freedoms away from its people. I mean persecution and no representation is what we fought against the British for to begin with. And now the American government is doing it to us. And yes we have representation but it is very poor and paid for and only represents a small part of Americans so for the majority of the country we do not have representation in the Senate at all. Its pathetic. Our country is all about the green. And forget the little people who make this country great and just need equality and to be protected by its government. Sorry if my post turned into a rant but it really hits me hard when I think how poorly Americans have been treated and just denied the rights to be free and taken care of and get the medical help they need.
  13. This is my first month here and I was just wondering what is the days won on my Account page and what is the leaderboard for? The curiosity is getting to me..
  14. There are a ton of wonderful trans-people sharing their stories and lives on you tube. The top one for me is Stef Sanjiati. She is MTF and has helpful videos on transitioning. Also she is trying to educate people on trans issues and trying to make more people aware of what it's like to be trans. Trying to create understanding and tolerance. Also there is Ty Turner he is FTM and is great also. Riley Dennis and so many more. Its great seeing so many people trying to help others and change the world.
  15. Your very welcome. Yes that site is great and it can be very addictive lol.
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