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A Supportive Article in the July/August 2015 Lesbian Connection . . .

Today, I came across a moving and beautiful article by a reader of Lesbian Connection . . .

"I am 64; I was born female and I have been Lesbian identified since I was 19 (soft butch).  I was active in the Gay Rights and the Women's Rights movements.  It is now 2015, and many things have changed."

"I am weary of the ANTI-TRANSWOMEN words I keep reading here, and I'm having a hard time with some of the more caustic comments!  I have not heard anybody say whether or not these women are actually transgender or transsexual; I am assuming transgender.  If they are transgender, do they identify as Lesbian?  Many do.  I am also disappointed by women who insist on calling transwomen "men."  I don't care what chromosomes they had at birth; I care about who they are.  Are you still referring to Chaz Bono as 'she'?"

"As Lesbians, we fought so hard for acceptance, and it is just inconceivable that we could be so unaccepting of another subculture whose journey is more difficult than many of ours.  When I was younger, I was involved for nearly two years with a transgender woman (her physical and legal transition was complete when I met her).  Because of this I had the enlightening opportunity to meet many other trans folks of both genders, and the chance to learn about and try to understand their world.  I met many wonderful and sincere people, some of whom had suffered terrible abuse as transpersons.  It does not matter what gender a person is born; if they do not identify with that gender, then life is a nightmare.  I applaud those who have the strength and resources to make a very difficult change.  Once they make it, they have every right to be seen as that gender, be it male to female, or female to male!  I also happen to think that those in between have the right to be called whatever they feel identifies them."

"I feel strongly that it is time to acknowledge that the world has changed considerably since the '70s. Lesbians have NOT been erased; we have been mainstreamed!  Isn't that what most of us wanted - to be treated the same as Straight folks, with the same rights and opportunities?"  

"During my thirties, I pretty much lived in a Lesbian-dominated world, and I loved it.  Then things started to change.  I found myself with more Straight friends and working mostly with Straight people.  Although I did not like the changes at first, I now realize I live in a much larger world.  While I miss some things about the old days, I believe that living in this larger world is a good thing, and for my part, I am determined that it will be open to diversity, including transgender women.  And I want to give my thumbs up to the readers who had the courage to give supportive comments about transwomen!"

- Margaret P.

Margaret P. writes a beautiful article about the importance of Lesbians to deal with their fear of losing their identity as they become mainstreamed rather than lashing out at another minority culture.  

Couldn't agree more!


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Very nice find, Monica... thanks for sharing it with us.

"Lesbians have NOT been erased; we have been mainstreamed!  Isn't that what most of us wanted - to be treated the same as Straight folks, with the same rights and opportunities?""

This to me, says it all - being "mainstreamed" does not mean losing your identity.  It means becoming a respected human being.  It means you no longer have to fight for the right(s) that you shouldn't have been denied to begin with.  Being respected, and having rights does not mean you no longer exist.  If anything...it means your existence and all that comes with it, is finally validated.


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