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and done...



Had started coming out a lil bit ago to a few people here a few there then to one job i knew would be supportive.  Slowly told some friends and then put it out publicly and just emailed my other job bosses to let them know so that they hopefully heard it from me first.  Now that that's done even though I am incredibly nervous about how it will all pan out i am happy that I have nothing to hide now.  No one to hide from.  Everybody knows ... if they judge me then that's not my problem.  I can express how i want or anything ... its like stepping out of a cage into a new world ... as a new person.  No more secrets about who i am at home or what i think in my heart.  It's incredibly nerve racking to be in this spot where i am ... however its all downhill from here.


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Hi Luna,

Me too. You're very brave and considerate. Sounds to me like you're doing the perfect thing. More importantly you're accepting that you cannot control any one else. I also hope they express and portray the acceptance and support that you, like any human being, deserves. And these days the chances are greater than ever that that is exactly what you will receive. But if one or more judges you, as you wrote, that's not your problem. Nothing you can do about that.

Please do keep us informed! It might also be interesting if you post a copy of the email you sent (deleting personal info of course.



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Hiya Luna. Congratulations Honey. I "Came-Out" as Transsexual, on the Evening of 30th. April, 2015, to My Wife, then during the Daytime of 1st. May, 2015, I started Buying Female Undies and Clothes, and Wearing Them, and Being "Out" in Public, All on the Same Day. I have got Nothing to Hide, or No-One to Hide from. I thought it Best that way. I have been very lucky, that I Have Got an incredible number of People, who are Supporting and Encouraging Me. For Me, Wearing a Dress, or Wearing a Blouse or Top and Skirt, is as Natural as getting up in the Morning's. Luna, I hope that this also helps to give You additional Encouragement and Support. Like Veronica, and Emma, I Am here for You, and Fully Support You. You Are very Brave, and Sensible, letting People have the Information, directly from You. That Is the Very Best Way Honey. Luna, be Very Proud to be on the Outside, Who You have Always been on the Inside. I Personally, have Known since I was 3 Year's of Age, that I Am Female, Trapped, in A Male Body. To Me, " Coming-Out ", was Like having A Massive-Weight, Lifted-Off, Both of My Shoulder's, and I have been far Happier, and So Much more Contented, since " Coming-Out ", than Ever before. When I Look in a mirror, I see a Female, not a "M". Luna, Enjoy Your Femininity Honey. I feel more Feminine, each and every day, and I Am Not even on H.R.T., yet.  Luna, Good Luck, Good Health, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xx 

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luna, very brave and wonderful... must be such an incredible time in your life, even if some of that inevitable and all too normal anxst mixed in with the immense excitement, happiness, relief, and everything else in the swirl of setting yourself free. - bluemoon

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I wish you the best experiences of life and joy and kindness possible!  And for the less best, remind them that freedom really means that, and we all have the freedom to be whatever makes us happy and feeling like ourselves, not just the freedom to conform to everyone else!  I find that tactic works quite often. 

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