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Top Surgery Update



I had surgery today and everything went better than expected. 

I wanted the anchor-t or inverted-t method so I have an extra scar, but I'm alright with that. That's a whole other can of worms.

i do find if I am trying to stay awake for a prolonged period of time, I get nauseous.

Also if you have surgery in the future- stay away from oranges and orange juice, you will regret it!

My family still have no idea I went under the knife today. I haven't spoken to either of them in a while. 

I'm tired. I wanted to add pictures but don't know how. Could someone tell me how?



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HI Brigsby,

Congratulations! I am sure you're feeling relief and delight. Also, some impatience for healing? Makes perfect sense to me. 

For the photos, yes, it's weird. For a blog you select a button called "upload" as I recall and then find the file on your computer and select it. I'm typing now on my iPad so I can't be more specific. Hope this helps and, more, that you make a very fast recovery!


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Heal well!  I'm incredibly curious, as I do have a potential second surgery for my hernia in my future and my go to nom is oranges, what is the thing with the oranges about?  How long before the surgery should one avoid?

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Thanks you. It sure is a feeling of frustration not being able to lie down, turn on lights or pee by myself. I was up 4 times last night and had to wake my caregiver up I felt incredibly guilty. 

She also supports me for the self healing decision to not tell my family. 

Thanks for the instructions to upload pics. Will try later as I'm already drained typing this.


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Thanks Briannah (did I remember the spelling of your name right?)

In post op I asked for orange juice and she said bc of the acidity it's not a good idea with anastetic.  Last night approx 11 hours after I got out of surgery I had an orange and ginger ale ( I dont drink GA at all).. I only kept it down for about 45 minutes. My caregiver remembered what the nurse said about oranges. I forgot that interaction completely. 

I don't know about avoiding before surgery, but hope that helps


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Yes, you did.  :)  I'm sorry it's complicated, but both Bree and Brianna were taken.  YOu're free to call me Bree though, it's easier to type!

I will definitely remember that, and thank you for the tip.  Part of my hernia repair from last summer ripped open again, so eventually I'm facing more surgery table time, and while right now i"m trying to lose more weight to increase the odds of success, I will definately remember this tip and appreciate you for sharing it!  *Hugs*   It's sad, because oranges are such lovely things giving them up for a little while sucks! 

How are you feeling now?  Is the healing process going smoothly?

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Congrats on the top surgery - no doubt it is a great feeling.  Sorry you still weren't able to share this with your family.   Maybe one day.....

If you need more help on uploading pix... let anyone of us know.  The new process is a little tricky at first... I think because it's so simple.  Once you do it, you'll ask yourself why you didn't figure it out before... :lol:


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