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So the past few weeks sucked



Haven't felt like doing much of anything and really have been just going through the motions. My cat, the cat that Bree got when I was way down from my bout with cancer back in the early aughts, had her own bout with cancer and lost. Initially they thought it was lung cancer and gave us steroids to help her fight it, but it turns out that was just the secondary cancer. She stopped eating, started having seizures almost every hour and was falling apart. When we took her into the vet that's when they found the brain tumor just by looking in her left eye. The tumor hadn't been visible the last visit at all and it was pressing in on her brain causing the seizures, loss of appetite and all that. At fourteen years old and with no real options left I had to say goodbye to her. Our son was there, Bree was there, everyone that was close to her was there, but it was still hard as hell. I'm tearing up now writing about it and it's been a week. I imagine this is going to last a while. 

I miss my cat.

I did start getting somewhere with my therapy. My therapist does like that I'm trying to keep a written journal which I write in when I'm feeling things and what thoughts are driving them since most of the time I feel numb and can't really feel anything at all except an overwhelming case of meh. Ultimately what she has tentatively diagnosed me with is Persistent Depressive Disorder, also known as Dysthymia. It's a possibly ongoing depression, not necessarily major, but it can cause most of what I've got going on in my head most of the time. She and I discussed my abuse as a child, we touched on my gender identity confusion, some of my emotional triggers and she did suggest that a combination of treatments would be good for me, so it looks like I'll be getting some medication to take some of the edge off while I try and work with her to figure out what I can do with or without the medication to deal with this, so I guess that's good. I don't necessarily feel good or bad about the diagnosis. I mean I figured I had something going on in there, only now it has a name.

I have been a bit mean to Bree and it's not been fair. I did apologize for it and I've been trying to be more mindful of my mood and what's coming out of my mouth or going on the keyboard. She doesn't deserve any ire I might be feeling. I've had a few really down days which hasn't been helping and I'm weening myself off of caffeine bit by bit. I'm drinking almost none at home and although I've been bad a few days here with lunch and dinner, it's mostly been water or tea. I'm drinking more water at work and less coffee. There is still a bit of soda but not much there. I'm sure that's been a bit of the issue, but being down makes me a bit of a jerk to be around, especially when I can't seem to bring myself to do or want to do anything and that's on me, not Bree. Ugh. 

I did touch on my gender confusion with my therapist and we talked about why I've gone down the crossdressing route instead of pursuing transition and she did question if I'm doing it to please everyone else and not myself, and no, this is as much about what I need and want as everyone around me. While it was tempting to look at transitioning as this magic pill that would fix everything, that's not going to do it for me. The underlying problems I'm having that led to the depression will still be there and a whole host of new ones. I'd still have to deal with my childhood abuse, my procrastination, self-loathing, laziness and problems being social with people I want to be social with. That isn't going to just vanish with transitioning and right now I'm really doing the crossdressing to feel better and elevate my mood from being low or to raise it a bit so I feel happier, it's not so that I feel normal like I'd originally thought. I was doing it to feel and while I do feel more like my old self, I also get that when I settle in and have some fun at things I'm supposed to be having fun at. A few different road trips with Bree to our favorite restaurant and to the zoo and just being with her in general and engaging on the same level that we used to when we first started dating really opened my eyes to that. 

Working some of this out has helped, but right now I'm kind of still grieving even while I'm trying to feel better and it's just kind of putting me in this spot where I don't want to do much of anything. Being a bit more creative has helped a bit, but I have to prod myself into doing that. Once I'm in that head space I have a lot of fun with it until things go sideways and then I just kind of shut down. I'm definitely a work in progress at this point. I have a whole host of problems to work through, but I have a great wife and life with Bree who's been nothing but supportive through all of this. I have a diagnosis now and at the very least a hope that I can get to feeling more like I used to with a big ole smile on my face.

Right now though, I'm still missing my cat.


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I miss our cat too.  I miss the funny, weird things she did, and the recliner cuddles.  She was awesome, and just suddenly gone and it's okay that it hurts.  It's SUPPOSED to hurt.  If it didn't, it would mean that you didn't love her, and you loved your cat a lot. 

We'll get through this, and everything will be okay.  Not tomorrow, not next month, but soon and and bit by bit.  I can be patient while we do, and you've been good about listening when I tell you how some of your behaviors make me feel.  The fact that you CARE is really what matters most to me, not how succesful you are or aren't on a particular day.  And the fact that you care about YOURSELF enough to get help to feel is huge.  So many people with the various forms of depression just sort of form an identity around it, and accept that's how life is and don't stand up and say "I want to feel better".  You're miles ahead of a lot of people, and I'm grateful for it. 

Love you, in all your cranky and quirky glory.

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I feel so bad for you and your family. I know what it's like to loose such a dear friend. :(A few years ago I had a miniature horse named peanut. We had been though a lot together.One day I found him with some really serious flesh wounds, some dogs had tore him up really bad. My neighbor gave me some medicine and told me what to do. Eventually he healed and grew his hair back.:) Well then a couple of years after that some stray horses came by and he found a hole in the fence and started running with them. I noticed him to be missing and went looking for him. It was so devastating to find his body and around my home I'm the undertaker if any pet dies. It hurt so much and I miss him a lot.  

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Thank you Ace, we are slowly adjusting to the lack of cuddle cat around the house.  Her brother has finally stopped looking for here, I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad about that. 

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