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Ouch, and why now. okay if you give me what i want, fine!



Hi everyone


Let me say this.  Ouch is literally currently happening to me.  I got this sharp pain yesterday in my abdominal region and this morning it extended it's range to my crotch area.  So ouch stand for pain and bleeding, that I think I can handle till later, but will definitely go to the doc tomorrow.  Okay, I'm also guessing that I'm postponing getting medical attention so I can possibly get the results I desire.


What I can say is, don't do what I do, because it can result in a dangerous zone of life.  So I'm hoping it doesn't effect me so much that I can't move tomorrow.


When I finally learn to be afraid I can most probably learn the vulnerability of the rest of humanity.  Have I mentioned that I got a repeated dream during the week where I inadvertently got kidnapped, not because I couldn't fight the men, but them pointing the kids with firearms and I couldn't stand for them being injured all because of me.  On the better side, in the dreams just before waking up I always got my GRS and the last 2 got saved by a man I respect and yes the kids that were with me before the kidnappings, one of whom was his oldest boy.


So this was my week, dreams with a hint of nightmare and this pain-distention-bleeding and I'm truly just me the one you can say is doing it the way I should.


Cheers for tonight.

Be free and allow the world to love you the way we deserve to be loved





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"Be free and allow the world to love you the way we deserve to be loved."  More perfect words are rarely said or heard.  Back atcha Michele. Back atcha.



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Hiya Michele, and Emma. Both You Ladies " Should " Be Free, and Allow the World to Love You, the way We Deserve to be Loved. Very Lovely words Michele. Well Back atcha, Both Ladies. Michele, I hope that You feel better soon, and that You don't land up in the Emergency Room. Michele, Please let Us Know, that You are Okay ! Michele, and Emma, Both You Ladies Take Care, And My Love, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxx 

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Hi Girls / Ladies


I didn't end up in the ER, I was admitted for basically a week.  If I had to decide, I'd have said do the operation as the infection would've been removed and my body wouldn't need to fight an infection with high doses of medication that only makes me sick to the stomach (still using it) and allows me to eat less then 50% of what I can normally consume.


Ja, I'm still swollen and unable to stand or walk for long periods of times.  The infection to not being an infection should have a reading of less the 5 in my blood stream, and last week the reading was 210.7 and on the day I was discharged it dropped to 180.2 over 5 days.


So, as a smart enough kid, I hate that some smarter kids don't listen to me when I need to say something.  Then again, I've also figured out that the specialist is a good doctor but also transphobic so will look at the OR as a super very last resort as I said why I use medication.  Next time I stay quiet, wait then I won't be me and I will be willfully is leading a doctor to give a treatment I know would be one of his first choices if I didn't disclose being transgender.  But then I'm denying myself the freedom of being me.


Cheers for now


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