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HRT Update



Hi all,

I just had my endocrinologist appointment - my testosterone level is at 170 now - yay!!!  Typical male level is 270-1200, female level is up to the 60s or so - so I'm in "No Man's and No Woman's Land" currently - but it's progress!

I think the nicest part of the appointment was when he said he wished everyone who came to see him was like me - in this case meaning that he has no qualms about what I'm doing and giving me the HRT prescription, so that was nice to hear :-)

He did say I need to lose some weight - which I knew quite well already, I'm hoping hearing it from him will help motivate.




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I know just what you mean my doctor was so cool but he did start me off slow also. It's been just about a year now and im very happy with the progress.  but now that i got where i wanted to be with my meds and things really started to speed up. and then i messed up my knee real bad and now i having a knee replacement on june 6th. So i had to stop my HRT till an finished get the new knee. you can't take the chance for blood cloths. At least i know will be back on track in a month or two

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Sweet deal sister,  my T was 390  right before i started  HRT,,  hopeful i have good results next appt  ,,  hugs

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