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Sunday and a time to rest



Hi there all


I know that I am attempting to be online at the very least once a week.


This Sunday I have the sensation that I need to talk about the past week.  Yes, I know I ventured into it.  But the avenues that I haven't entered were a few more than the pooptis I was talking about earlier.  But as a recourse I think I need to vocalize and read what I know and what I can do.


First thing first.  I was told by my overall commander that I must drag him to court, and this time not just demand that he leave the police, but go after his pension.  Of which I'm not comfortable to do.  But she called him in and informed him what the law states including what legal services stated.  She became the protective mother and informing him that she would work him out of the police before he can end his next 2 years before going on pension.


Court cases are a drag...  A real drag.


Legally the police needs to implement what the constitution states.  And only looking at one of the South African Constitutional Acts - Act 18.  Where it already states that no discrimination is allowed.  No matter if it is sexuality, gender or a combination of the 2.  No employer or supervisor has the right to discriminate against you because of this.  You have your freedom of expression, identification and this makes for independently individual persons.  Yes I also know, that it doesn't just take for acts in the Constitution or other law books for something to be implemented, but it is a start and it tells you the grounds you have to stand on.


This week, I'll make an appointment with the EHW (psychological or interpersonal assistance group in the police), and legal services.  Just to see if they would want to take up where I in this instance don't want to.  And in return if they do the fight, I'll just do the talks and see if I get pulled in for the assistance that other LGBTIQA, yes and others.  Well, I like that the description for persons have grown, but I'm beginning to become confused here in the sequence.  Okay, I also know that in the sequence once you associate with a group that one automatically moves to the front for you, but when you type it out, you always start with the sexual orientation.  Yes, I fall under the gender descriptive.


I think I just need to internalize this to see if I have fight left for this man or if I don't.  I definitely have fight left.  I just fear that this will destroy a career of almost 30 years and put me in the limelight of fighting superiors.  I don't have a problem being in that spotlight, but if it is for fighter of equality.  Then yes, that is all I want, everyone to be equal.  But how will this effect my career.  Will it fast track, normal pace (this is already a slow track for today's terms), or get slow tracked because I have targeted seniors that are discriminatory.  Yes, I am looking at the recourse's that others will have against me because I am attacking their friend for equality.


Not only does me fighting back place my career in a snare that could catapult me on anything from a fast track to non existent career enhancement track.  But it could also effect my friends and person's of interest (family) or lover.  Now can I do this to people I care about or does 2 years of an idiot sound like a walk in the park.  I just don't want to end up in hospital for mentally breaking down.  I know, nobody is strong enough to cope with life's dealing, and everyone needs that energy boost to continue.


So now I'm thinking.  Will this be what they can handle.  Because if they are going to be in sight of the attacks, I most definitely will start fighting with other rules a lady doesn't look at.  I'll still keep within the framework of the law, but I will be hitting below the belt till it bleeds and I am certain I made his favorite friend infertile, and hopefully also effected the capabilities of hoisting a pole because I was the storm that smashed it into pieces.


So my thinking cap is on and I know I can't let him do this to me.  So, clean fight, till he fights dirty and then I go legal dirty like rolling in the mud, not hiding razors in the mud.


So as I'm saying goodbye, it feels to me that I am going to take on this fight with a degree of hesitation.  I'm not the bitch they making me out to be, I'm not the bitch.  But I can become the bitch in the fight when required.


This thinking is exhausting me mentally as I need to think of the approach and which line of defense I am taking, then which alternatives are in play to counter any attacks he might throw my way.


Hugs, Kisses, and cheers



Ps. Any view point other then mine would be appreciated. 


Pss.  I also know, if I don't fight back, then someone with no ability to fight back might be caught in the firing line and I will in the end have to come to that persons rescue, so why not just jump in already and stop it before it can continue.



Michele out.


Psss.  Checking my tablet out, that was keeping online.  This laptop scenario isn't what I had in mind.


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Hiya Beautiful; Pretty Michele. Thank You for You Message Young Lady. ( I Am Glad that You liked the comment :-  " So-and-So " !!  I thought I would Keep Our Conversation's on TGGuide ",Clean " !! L.O.L. !!  I have Got a Real Bucket-Mouth, But, I Can Also Be Cleanly Spoken !  Michele, that So-Called " Boss ", He Should Be " Demoted " I Am an Ex-Union Shop-Steward; and therefore, I Do NOT take Any rot, and I Do NOT Enjoy seeing My Friend's, like Yourself, taking any Rot. Michele Darling Girl, Hit that Cretin, Right Where It Hurts Him the most - In His Wallet. I suggest that You ask the Female Boss, to have Him demoted. Here's a nice job for Him, Make Him sweep the Main Road's, during the Peak Time's, in the Wrong Direction, with a worn-out Toothbrush. When He does Not do the job Properly, make Him repeat it, until He gets Fed-Up, and Leaves !! I Am a Devious Bitch, aren't I ? Michele You Gorgeous Young Lady, Do NOT take any Rot. You Darling Girl are Far Better Than That. Sweetheart, You Know that I Am here for You. Look After Yourself, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx 

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Hi Michele,

It seems to me that it's as if you're the like a rape victim, almost made to feel guilty for going after the rapist when after all you were doing nothing wrong. He did, you didn't. It's as simple as that.  And fortunately your South African laws and your commander are supporting you.  I agree that it's sad that this man may lose his pension. I'm sorry for him. But I'm not in the least condoning his behavior. That is inexcusable.  He made his bed and now he gets to lie in it.  

But I also understand that all of this puts you into a horrible position. I'm sure your molester (which he is, after all) has friends and supporters who will automatically throw their support his way and perhaps snub you.  And in your career that is especially scary let alone potentially career-limiting.

I wonder if there is an alternative you can talk to your commander about.  Do the have an ombudsman or third-party negotiator who could try to strike some balance? Maybe as you said they have no choice but to prosecute him in court. I find that surprising but maybe it is what it is. Then again, maybe your commander has his own agenda and wants to throw this guy under the bus.  Anyway, I'd suggest exploring any alternatives to court.  

Then again, if it does go to court do they allow you to sue for damages?  Perhaps like here in California once the crime has been adjudicated (and he is found guilty) in a court we can then sue in "civil court" for damages.  Because I think you would have a case of need to be compensated for your own emotional distress as well as the very real chance that you will need to find an alternate career for your safety as well as long term satisfaction.  You're young and it's so unfair that he put this into your life. 

I'm afraid I gave you more questions than anything else but I hope it helps you.


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 Hi there Steph and Emma


Let me do this one person at a time.


Steph you know where I've been working for close to 12 years and  I've also developed a potty mouth.  Never used it for potty training as it never needed it until about 10 years ago.  And will do!


Emma, its not just me having issues with him now, but almost everyone at work.  So throwing him under the bus is easy, throwing him at a pack of hungry wolves without anything to protect him is a better option.  But my humanity and all the struggles including being a rape survivor makes me think twice about doing it.  Because not everyone is as resilient as me to bounce back.  But then again, enough is enough of this man tormenting others.  An example should probably be made of him, but if I do it, he will have an ugly stain on his name that will never be cleared again.  So yes not only you have answers with more questions, I'm also in the same boat.


So for me to begin a fight, I must be certain that the outcome he is facing is the only way forward.  And then the recurring question in my mind is, will this change him for the better or is this just false hope we clinging too.


Cheers for now



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