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Top Surgery



Hi all,

So today was my top surgery! I had it done by Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore - I can't say enough about him, his staff, and the St. Peter's Surgery Center in Albany. Everyone was incredibly friendly, helpful and supportive, and the results seem really good! (they are still wrapped, and swollen, so I can't say for sure yet).

My friend Bryana went with me - we only met in January but she's quickly become such a good friend, and so graciously and enthusiastically took the trip with me (about 2.5 hours drive each way, and about a 2 hour wait while I had surgery). She did so much to relieve the anxiety I was feeling!

There isn't really any pain, just discomfort (I'm on percocet, but after my shoulder surgery last year there was still massive pain even with that).

Overall I feel even happier about this than I had expected, I feel like I took a huge step towards truly being who I want and need to be 😀

I'll follow-up again as the swelling subsides!






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Hiya Chrissy. Congratulations on Your Top Surgery Honey. You are another step closer Young Lady. Chrissy, I Am Very Proud of You. You are an inspiration to a lot of Us Young Lady. By the Way, How is Your Shoulder now ? Chrissy, I Am Very Glad, that Bryana has been with You Sweetheart. Chrissy just wait until You are able to go out, and show Your New Top-Half off. A great excuse to go out and buy a new dress or three. L.O.L.  Retail Therapy always helps, I find. Chrissy, Take Care, Big Hugs, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx 

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Hiya Chrissy. You just need to rest and heal up. You can be Very Proud of Your Transitioning Journey. I Am so pleased for You Young Lady. Chrissy, Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Big Hugs, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx 

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I hope you have a speedy and complication free recovery!  Don't follow in my footsteps after that last surgery and end up with creepy infections that you can't pronounce!  :)


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