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Transition Update



My FFS surgery is scheduled for 12/2. My full-time date at work is 12/19. I am still part-time, but dress almost all of the time, except work. I have been on HRT for almost 17 months and filling in nicely.

My name change order came through. I was going to change my license but have been sick the last few days. With work, I haven't gotten to it. But that is next as well as my SS Card. Then my passport.

More disclosures. What I am finding is that everyone is accepting at first, but after the shock wears off, not everyone is. So I am plowing ahead past my surgery and full-time date. It's like I am racing before anyone tries to get in my way or gives me a lot of grief over it. So a lot of people know ... but there are many more who I still want to tell. This is such an emotional thing for me. That it is hard to be objective about it. I am finding that the closest of family members and friends are the ones who have the hardest time dealing with it.

I have been working with HR to update the policy and come up with a communications plan to the company and customers. Not everyone knows yet, just management, task leads and HR. But everyone will find out in November.

I have support group tomorrow and I am trying to organize my thoughts. So much has happened these last two months.

Love to all,



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"Everyone is Accepting at First, But After the Shock Wears Off, Not Everyone Is"


Dear Lisa, Briannah and Veronica,

This is VERY COMMON when a person goes through ANY significant life change.  It is only times like this that a person finds out who their REAL friends are.

Often, people are supportive at the beginning, because that is the politically correct thing to do.  Then they sometimes change their minds when their OTHER so-called friends say to them, "what are you doing with HER/HIM?"  Some people are so weak they can not choose their own friends, and allow themselves to be intimidated into being TOLD who they can be friends with, ONLY TO REALIZE TOO LATE that these so-called friends of theirs who turned them against their friend when their friend really needed their support THE MOST, turn out to be superficial friends!

Yes, it takes guts to think and make decisions for yourself, because these so-called friends, if you don't agree with them, make every effort to turn your other friends against you, forcing you to make a decision to stand up for your friend who needs your support the most or settle for a SHALLOW friendship with them.  Sooner rather than later, these shallow friends will turn on you for some other reason.

The upshot of all of this?  Strive to have a few quality friends who will be there for you, rather than try to win a popularity contest with a bunch of shallow ACQUAINTANCES! 

Your friend,



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