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Too much, or just enough



Hi there everyone


Know that this have been a while.  But I can promise that I have more then enough to tell.


Where to start, is a good question, and like I tell everyone go to the beginning.  But in this instance, I will take different headings for different starts.  So LONG STORY  I THINK...



Well since I last was on I got in a relationship and ended it a few days ago.  But here goes the experience.


Well as I never go looking for things like this, I can't say that I was on the hunt.  But this is how the hunted story starts.


Went to a friends place, I haven't seen in a while and one of the children I knew has finally grown up.  Darnit, I even forgot about him because he was really all grown up, and no, it wasn't him.  I continued going in as I only realized that my friend is a qualified hairdresser and went to check out her skills.  Didn't take notice of the guys in a way to actually say I'm available and the one just continually messed with me.  Made it his point to walk in on me and scare the living daylight out of me while singing.  Oh, I actually know how to use my vocals and just tried to ignore that I knew this.  Pushed him away after a month of constant harassment and me stating I don't do children.  He asked what is a child on him, he is old enough.  Okay, in the push he fell over and was lying on his back and I ended up sitting on top of him to tell him why it wouldn't work with him.  And I get told I'm not that strong, but lean in he wants to say something and started kissing me.  Pushed him down and away from my mouth, even though his kissed intrigued me.  Still held my grounds that he is too young, and for a week or two he continuously kissed me and told me that it will happen that I will allow him in.  Well lets forget the pelvis grinding he did and later pinning me down, before I stopped fighting him.


I looked at him and found his Identity Document and noticed that he is legal aged and basically 17 years younger than me.  How I'm hearing the ladies shout, cougar, cradle snatcher, you could've changed his nappies while he was a baby.  Well, I eventually let my guard down and accepted that a younger guy was interested in me.  Let him kiss and go on with me.  Even let him take me to a club, me at a club.  I'm way to old for that crap, I don't do clubs unless I truly need to unwind and there is no open punching bag.  But then I also have grown up to the degree where I won't drink and drive.  I know the practice was bad, but in my prior few years I would keep my blood alcohol level within the legal limit.


The things I enjoyed most about the dating scene were the following.  The greeting when I make my appearance or he made his appearance.  That I didn't have to hide anything about me.  I made it clear I identify as transgender and that I wasn't going to have a sex relationship before I am ready to.  I liked the way he touched my skin, the kisses, yes even the pinning down, and me in turn pinning him down.  The trust he had in me, or is it has, because we still friends and not with benefits.  Being treated like the young lady I was viewed as.


Does me ending the relationship because I couldn't see any growth or positive path after a while, and that sex was becoming a topic that I didn't want to cross over too.  Having the full surgery is my goal and that is the only way that I want to be intimate with a someone, as I still don't agree with my full body experience.  Does it mean that I'm not flirting with men because of this extra boost of confidence, well apparently I have become a prime target on the dating scene and have connected communicatively, but then again none of my electronic profiles I created doesn't misrepresent me as a whole.  And I notice that most people don't even read that part I left open to make them decide if they want to befriend me or not.  I have no qualms telling people I'm transgender either, as it is an essential part of me.  I say I identify as transgender, though born intersex and if I'm not in the mood to educate, I will also ask not to ask me about it go do research and come back later to me.  I even get new friends that are new to being trans and using the derogatory slang as they don't know better and will do my lecturer stance and correct them on the spot.


But yes, I currently have a few conversations going, and I know that some guys are only looking for experimenting and I end up asking questions that makes some guys squirm and just delete themselves from my life.


So that is the dating front.  Oh, did I mention that I got a few marriage proposal in this time frame that I have been missing.




The list came out and my name was one of the first for the promotions from Constable to Sergeant and then the effective date was a while back, but the confirmation that the last list is the correct list needs to come, because we had to fill in paperwork's and I don't think that the national office realized that we are so many people that need to be promoted.


I just hope that everything is right by the time that I get back to work from leave and can wear Sergeant ranks.  Well if my plans had gone as I originally wanted in the police, I would've been a Captain by now, and would've been a Sergeant by 2010, Warrant Officer by 2012, and Captain by 2014.  But then changes happened and the waiting period to Sergeant was drastically increased.



My hair has grown by about 2 inches (5cms), I got some streaks in and then changed my color to red and naturally got some blond streak highlights, because my hair was bleached before coloring it.  I have stayed with my friend the hairdresser from the end of August till now, and for basically 2 months the growth is substantial, and my hair hasn't looked healthier in ages.


Do I have anything else to gossip about of myself???  I don't think so.  But, seeing as things are going in all directions with me, some bad, some good.  I am just enjoying the rest of the life and expecting anything to happen when it must happen.


I have made peace with my maker decades ago, so if I must die, it is a good day to die.  And if I continue to live, it is the best days to live and be prosper.


Be safe ladies, I will be safe on leave and will be tempting fate to see if I am actually going to step into a relationship with a guy that is a year younger then me, just saying.  I'm enjoying this dating game...


Cheers ladies.


Have a splendid time and stay gorgeously perfect.



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Dear Michele,

So good to hear from you! I love your updates, on dating, your hair, and especially, your promotion. I think your promotion to sergeant is so important for you as well as for your colleagues and the public, to see a transgender woman as a professional and viable member of society.  It's people like you who are paving the way to everyone else, especially those who are much younger.

But really, I'm also so happy to hear about your fun on the dating scene.  A year younger?  So what!  My wife is 7 years older than me... Really, age is not that big a deal. Now 17 years difference is a lot, at least in my book.  :-)  

Best wishes,


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Emma you wouldn't believe this, my grandmother and grandfather from my mom's side takes the cake.  The age gap was 26 years, with my grandfather being the oldest.  Funny thing is you outlived all his wives and she was his last wife.  He passed away when my mom was 18 years old and she passed away when my mom was about 2 years old.  So yes age really is nothing but a number in my family.  The oldest sister takes 2nd place, with her husband whom was 24 years older then her, and 3 years older then my mom.  Then my parents take 3rd position, 17 years age difference with my dad being the older one.  So normally it is the men in my family that is the older party, and I would be setting a record on the female side.  My oldest brother though was 10 years older then his wife, and he passed away a few weeks after my passing out of police college.


Emma and Karen, thanks for the wishes, but we still waiting on the notification that we can wear our ranks, even though they backdating it to last year when we officially had the qualifications.


On being an inspiration, I'm just living my life according to what I need to and how I see it fit for anyone to live their lives.  Confirmed after this that this young guy was screwing around and gave the option of stopping as the person he is screwing on the sidelines isn't one of my favorite people, therefore broke it off.  Weirdest part is, his friends are actually sticking up for me and saying that he should've known not to play with a good thing.  So broke it off without shedding a tear, as tears would be to much of a hassle for me to waste on a person that is a cheater.


So hope this doesn't deter anyone from dating, not all men are cheaters and can't be brushed with the same brush.  We actually have good guys out there that doesn't mind our differences, because it's not the differences that makes us, but the soul of the person that determines if we are worth loving or not.  I just got played and remembered at the same time, that I'm still in the controllers seat and I have the choice to allow it to continue or to put a stop to it.


Love Michele


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Dear Michele, Emma and Karen,

Personally, I try to date women (I am a cisgender Lesbian) who are no more than 10 years my junior or senior, because I like to be with a person who is from the same generation as I am.

Also, I prefer transwomen who identify as Lesbians because they seem to try harder at relationships than cisgender Lesbians.  Still do date cisgender Lesbians.

My one true love of 10 years, with a transwoman who identified as a Lesbian, we had a very cerebral love (she was a brilliant and very kind woman) and I would say that we would both identify as demisexuals, which are people who fall in love with another's CHARACTER rather than their physical looks or sexual prowess.  Would love to find such a woman again!

Yours truly,



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