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Judy's Transformaton



This is the story of my transformation and my life as a crossdresser and how I was and who I was a girl or woman.It all started with a fight with a school bully who challenge to a fight at the park near my house and I lost the fight for he was on top on me and had me to being a sissy. I didn’t know what that meant at that time so I look it up and found it what it meant. That began my quest to find out what it felt like to be the opposite sex/gender. I started with my mother’s panties and then I got my own and then on out I started to get my own wardrobe. I have purged quite a few times and the third time being the last time and I got rid of my entire wardrobe in all. But I had all the right stuff, panties, bras and pantyhose and skirts and blouses and high heels and pocketbook and lipstick and makeup. I have wondered it felt to be a woman or the opposite sex gender and got into fantasy and Mistresses and got to services and have called phone sex services quite a few times during my time as Judy. Even written a script for the ladies on the phone out.

I have to gone to Lady Ellen’s Transformation Service to do my pictures two times. Back in the early 2000’s and it was all together I had a few girlfriends and have met a couple times with one or two of them. But have been able to connect with any of them as being mates or partners. Everyone since I have posted my pictures online has told me how good I have looked. Yes it comes quite naturally to me.Why do I crossdress? Well, it began like I said in a effort to understand the opposite sex/gender,

Then I started to feel good about my feminine self aka Judy, which then lead to aspire to be like a good secretary. I prefer blouses and skirts and heels and slips (full) under dresses and heels to anything else. Judy likes to dress up a secretary or a business woman. Even getting out of male clothing is somewhat relaxing to me. Judy is nothing like my male mode of Jay. Judy is my second self and she likes to relax with a blouse and skirt and heels and lipstick and makeup on.

That is about it.



Recommended Comments

Hello Judy and welcome to TGGuide. It sure sounds to me like you're transgender, which is a reason you're drawn to study and consider what it is to be a woman. 

It's perfectly okay to crossdress on occasion to make yourself feel good. The point is to help oneself manage their dysphoria. For some (many?) cross dressing is all that they need. Or maybe it's all they can do at this point in time so it's much better and satisfying to do than try to go on without it. And of course there are many who find that crossdressing isn't enough for them, and they eventually go on to hormones and surgeries. 

The main thing to be aware of and accept is that being transgender isn't a choice. Also, it's not something that can be "cured", it's not a disease, and it's not going away. We are born this way and like people who are left handed or blue eyed, we deserve the same love and respect as anyone else. 

So I'd ask you: what is your awareness of transgender, yourself, and your acceptance of yourself? It can be hard to go through all this, it sure was for me. If it is for you, have you considered seeing a therapist? It helps to talk about this with a professional, especially therapists who are aware of gender concerns.

Please look around TGGuide, learn, and post your thoughts and questions. We are all happy to help in any way that we can.


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Ah, I grew up in NJ.  I miss it hugely, but not the cost of living.  I would go back in a heartbeat if it wasn't so crazy expensive! 

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I grew up in Piscataway, then lived for a couple of years in Plainsboro after graduation and a brief time in Heightstown before I moved to Ohio to get away from crazy ex.   I really miss it, there was this little mom and pop pizza place across from Quakerbridge Mall that had the BEST CHEESESTEAK EVER!  It's called Red Moon Pizza if it's still there and you're in the area.  We spent a lot of time at Sandy Hook beach, but then changed to Island Beach State Park.  I know everyone loves Seaside Heights, but I liked a somewhat quieter beach.  :) 

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Not surprisingly, I don't really remember thing.  :)  I was only 20 when we left it, and engineering sadly was not on my radar.  I do remember Johnson's Park, and the village on the end of it with the Really Old houses they preserved.  There was a racetrack for horses too, but I'd never even once managed to see it used for actual racing, just one or two horses getting excercises.  The mall used to be great (now it's kinda gutted and weird) and we all hung out there a lot, eating Bavarian Pretzels, browsing the record store (how excited we all where when it flipped from a small store front to a huge one across the way!), movies, and this neat little nautical theme gift shop called Poopdeck Galley that weirdly also sold plush puppets and is where I got my two gorgeous dragon puppets!  They had a great bookstore too, I spent hours in B. Daltons back in the day.  LOL  We also hung out at the library a lot, there were to, but we mostly hung out at the JFK one way out by the school, until they moved the New Market one from this TINY store front to a big building actually built to be a library.  It was right near the Carvel, so we used to get ice cream then go hang at the library, no parents!  LOL And there was this little park called Columbus Park near my freind Lisas, they had handball courts we used to spend a lot of time just practicing with tennis balls.  We never really did learn the rules of that game, only tennis. 

I miss home.  :)

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