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Life Continues

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Good day


Let me start off with saying, I know that I haven't been active in a long time, and I might not get to say this...


Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating the festive season.  May this bring you everything you thought it would and more.


I had an eventful few months and that is so going to get me disowned if I'm not already disowned...  But that is another story for another day, when I probably need to vent.


I got engaged in the last few months and only my niece, also the one I call my child, and she agrees that I'm being disowned and flung out like last years fashion that will never become a craze again.  So yes, engaged and I do love him, flaws and all.


Then, I started working on shifts again, and my time is so occupied with work and love life that I barely have time to think about what to tell you.


Ooooh, did I mention that my one doctor finally gave me the letter that is required to change my gender marker on my ID, and that only took something like 4 years to get.  And now the other doctors that said they would assist me are the problems in doing what I need to do.  How can this be so difficult to get the letter required for the change.  I also said that I will only marry once these changes have been executed on my ID.  But I also might subconsciously want to wait a while for making certain that I made the right choice in giving my heart to someone.


So yes, my medical check ups for script renewal has changed to once a year, but I need my script rewritten every 6 months.


I tore some ligaments in my right hand and could use it properly for 9 weeks, okay it's 12 weeks already, and it is still painful to do some moves, and to fight properly with my hand.  Okay, it happened because I was in a fight with a guy who's face was harder then the back of a pickup or brick wall.  Okay, it was also justifiable that I knocked the guys teeth out, after all he was beating a teenage girl with a golf club and he was a grown ass man.


What else did I not mention that I think you should know about???


Really can't think now, but my operation was a success, seeing that I got through the complications that I faced for a time frame afterwards.  Developed blood clots that just didn't want to go away, and bled like a leaking bottle for a bit more then 6 weeks, and it freaked me out the few times I woke up covered in blood, and that my precautions didn't even help me.


Did I mention that my hair is now slightly over shoulder length. I settled down to around 135-140Lbs no longer 145Lbs.  Doesn't help my breast development, but I also thought of having a discussion with the endocrinologist on the possibility to change me to another estrogen form, cause I can't figure out what is making me nauseous.  Might be the medication, or something else, like stressing.  Yes, you would also be stressing if you knew the man that you love is kinda, sort of, disliked by your family, because I can't figure out how to convince them that he is right for me.


Having my legs licked and probably telling me to stop having a discussion with myself, I will be doing the following.


Merry Christmas my sweets, stay as kind as you are.  I've not forgotten you, so have constantly thought of what to tell you, but when I had the words, I definitely didn't have the time to write anything.

Keep safe please, as I don't want to hear of another death of someone I knew.  Okay, two so called family members, wait was three if recall properly.  Father's brother (no he wrote each other off one Xmas, after he decided to attack me for being trans, so not family), cousins husband (didn't know him, and I think I stopped at the accident without knowing about it, and was working), aunt's brother (she married in so does that make him family), and the same aunt's boyfriend (yes she turn 70 this week, in the last 2 months we had to deal with him that got a stroke, and I was the last person around him as his last 2nd and last stroke took his life.  He was so looking forward to her birthday and Christmas, but just made it to December).


So be safe and enjoy the festive season.  I will be watching over those of you close to me.


Kind loving hearts blossom

Friends, family and loves

We gather in a time of giving

Not the giving of presents

But the giving of hearts

We are all here

Not just waiting, but

Fighting for what we were taught

The teachings of what is right and wrong

And I guess, that we have finally started believing

Believing in our dreams and what our hearts are telling us

So go forth and be who you were meant to be.




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Dear Michele,

ONE OUT OF THREE people are estranged from a family member.  

Have gone ten years without speaking to my brothers (I have no sisters), and some of them I have reconciled, others I have not, due to my being a Lesbian. 

The interesting part is that they do not speak to each other.

My mother's side of the family I am estranged from because I am Gay, and all my Gay cousins have moved to Portland, Oregon.  

Went to my last family reunion and watched my family be cruel to the Black American wife of a cousin and the biker club member of another cousin.  To me, THAT is NOT family.  Was tempted to tell my brother who took me that I wanted to go for a walk and LOOK FOR THE RAINBOW FLAG, as that is my REAL family!

Choosing a family of CHOICE is the challenge many people have, T/LGB or not!

It WILL get better!  You have friends here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Your friend,



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It's good to hear from you Michele. Wow, that is quite a list of life events. Hang in there. Live and enjoy your life. ​

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

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You sound like someone I'd like to meet. I don't know if I could be as brave as you, but I'm glad you stepped in and weren't a bystander. I haven't said anything to anyone yet about me. I'm not sure I will. Love your writing and your poetry. Merry Christmas to you.

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