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Cried last night

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They were not the tears of pain, it was because of a simple statement my fiancé said last night in bed.

We were talking about friends, their issues (marriage/money etc.) and got on to insecurities.

Of course being a trans-woman I could write a book with the insecurities I have about 'passing', we all see the bits we don't like in the mirror.

She simply turned to me and said, "Darling, I've NEVER slept with a man" and that brought tears to my eyes.


Caroline xxx

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Thank you both, it was so lovely of her to say. Now it's my turn to show my devotion to her as she underwnt spinal surgery last Thursday for a very badly herniated disc at L5/S1 (the most common area apparently).

I'm her nurse for the coming weeks.



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Hun , ah , is all I can say , I love your smile and to know that added smile holds a tear of joyfull love I am in ah, still of you both , hugs and you know I and we all love the woman you are to us all .

and once again give honey a carring hug for me when she is better .

Kisses and Hugs my dear girlfriend across the pond ..


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