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  1. Hiya Miss Kim! Thanks for the "hi" last time you stopped by. Nice to see your posts. =) ...Mike

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Kim! -Mike

  3. The sock monkey looks sad... :(

    1. freemouse


      He wasnt sad, he was contemplative. Meditating.

  4. I havent worn nylons in decades. Even under my wedding dress i had bare legs, that damn dress was uncomfortable enough already.
  5. Happy Birthday Kim! and Happy New Year too. :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Kim! Have a wonderful day.


  7. I agree the sick part is the abuse and murder, I hate that they focus on the panties and stuff, just trying to sell papers. This has nothing to do with gender identity and everything to do with being a killer. Media is constantly ticking me off.
  8. I do agree with that Michael but I am thinking of it in terms of skeletal structure, not muscle. Like how females by birth throw overhand differently than a male due not to muscle strength but how the arm actually is attached to the frame. Our skeletons are different and that's alot of the reasons why men and women, by birth, have different strengths and weaknesses from each other. If skeleton was affected during transition that would be different.
  9. I understand her complaint but I actually think she is going too far. This is a sport where bone structure means something I think. Not sure but that's what I've heard. There are pros and cons to every decision and excluding yourself from competing in a physical sport where skeletal structure impacts performance is her tradeoff. the world doesn't need to change all its rules to suit this lady because she made the decision to change her life. if skeletal structure didn't matter, like say chess or poker i'd be right behind her. ***running and hiding***
  10. freemouse

    Private Messages

    Hey i just got a weird one too. it wasnt really what you would call 'inappropriate' like no cussing or filth, just from someone wanting to be emailed privately. whatever.
  11. I think this person needed more counseling before embarking on their grs.
  12. My new rescue dog has the WORST gas, need mask

    1. MonicaPz


      Recently complimented my brother, that his rescue Boxer, never had gas, and as if on cue, Dobie proved me wrong! It almost knocked me over!!

  13. Oh Bonnie I am so sorry you are all having to go through this, it's got to be horrible. I really think that as hard as it is, it is the best thing. Hard to believe i'm sure because of all the pain. To be honest, i didn't understand what benefit there was really to her with you coming back home. does she really want a husband there who is just 'acting' the part? As a wife myself, I can't imagine wanting my husband to stick around if i knew that he was only playing a part, what's the point. As far as your kids are concerned, I think they will come around. they will understand that what happened here was no ones fault, intent is what matters, and you never wanted in any way to hurt anyone. They are just kinda in shock, and reacting protectively with their mother. No human being can be happy unless they can be their true selves, especially with their loved ones, and you never had that. I'm sure the rest of the month is going to be stressful on you and your family until you move, i wish the best for you. Love Kim