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  1. Daneela added a comment on a blog entry: Thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner   

    Compare and contrast with Chaz Bono, Janet Mock.
    Seems to me that Chaz was also a celebrity but that focus on him was less and of shorter duration. Janet is known as an activist, qualifying as a spokesperson whose opinions and knowledge have helped keep the "conversation" on-topic. Laverne Cox is celebrated for her beauty and acting on OITNB. What happens when the program ends?
    Transwomen have shocked American, and possibly all western, cultures for many decades, from Christine Jorgensen to Chelsea Manning, igniting the "flames of hell" with each celebrity outing. I'm sure there were others before Ms. Jorgensen but am not familiar with that part of history. We'll progress more quickly when we no longer shock them.
    Crossing my fingers.
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  2. Daneela added a post in a topic: Unethical Therapy   

    It's okay to wonder if they will find your journey acceptable to them. It's another double-standard that unless we are transitioning, we cannot really be transsexuals. Well, that's their standard; here at TGGuide, we seldom express judgments like that, even if we individually feel them. I like to think that, "We know better!"
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  3. Daneela added a post in a topic: Transgender teen struck and killed on Ohio interstate in apparent suicide   

    Someone followed up on the irrational urge to charge the Alcorns with child abuse, saying such response would be inappropriate and flameful, at least. I agree.

    I agree that the Alcorn family's acceptance and approval were decidedly not provided unconditionally; does that mean that the definition of love is acceptance and approval? Seems so in this family. Almost certainly, they will eulogize and bury their son Josh, who gave himself up so that Leelah got a chance to live.

    Worst is that Leelah knew her 18th birthday would change her legal status but couldn't see reaching that date and finding help to overcome the Christian Love of her parents. I can understand why and it points out that we need to communicate even more that we and our allies are ready, willing and able to help and to support each other as we journey.
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  4. Daneela added a post in a topic: Gender-bending fairy doll sparks outrage in Argentina   

    Jeez-oh-Pete's-sake! It's not even close enough to the front! But, there are those who always make something from nothing. I hope this dies of its own accord and soon.
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  5. Daneela added a post in a topic: Transgender suicide hotline   

    Emma, I think of you as a little sister, too. HUGG
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  6. Daneela added a post in a topic: Transgender suicide hotline   

    Scared my therp the day before Thanksgiving by describing that morning's Google searches and hits for my medications and which stated that "Overdose may be fatal" and that I could make a serious attempt while leaving enough doses in normal condition that COD could be ambiguous; really bad dysphoria that day, something that has never happened to me before. Scheduled for the 1st to reassure him I'd made it through the weekend. Still here, still impoverished in many, many ways, still burdened with no relief in sight.
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  7. Daneela added a post in a topic: Arizona pastor predicts ‘AIDS-free Christmas’ if all gays are killed, as God commands   

    Not to mention even his "facts" about AIDS are wrong; not all AIDS patients are LGBT, many are women and mothers in Africa. Even in the USA, there are non-LGBT patients.
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  8. Daneela added a post in a topic: Employers Don't Have to Cover Birth Control   

    Yes, I believe they will make the case that tampering with our God-given bodies and our destinies, we are abominations, just as they've claimed of all TLBGQ animals. I don't know what the courts will decide, where they will draw a line, as SCOTUS tried to do by writing that this ruling applies _only_ to closely held firms funding of ACA insurance benefits.

    Since our opposition will be cherry-picking, I hope everyone likes pie.
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  9. Daneela added a post in a topic: DMV asks SC teen boy to remove makeup for driver's license photo   

    This story was the second headline in Charleston's _Post_and_Courier today. They used the girl's picture as well. Transgender Legal and Education (something) is working on this case. I don't recall any interview with her or her parents but several statements from DMV employees. They cite the law, just as Michael has done, but some seem to be allied. The story points out there is no third option and that SC is lagging the rest of the nation on these issues. Law enforcement officials point out that they are "instructed" to treat apparent females as women whether they are wearing makeup or not as makeup is _expected_ of females and not expected of males.

    Don't look for this to resolve in our favor anytime soon.
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  10. Daneela added a post in a topic: DMV asks SC teen boy to remove makeup for driver's license photo   

    As a citizen of South Carolina, my "bleeding heart" and I find SC anything but "modern." At the moment, we have a Tea Party Governor who refuses the ACA expansions, a very conservative legislature and all kinds of beliefs that cannot be reconciled with facts. According to their constitution, children are entitled to the "minimum education" necessary, probably to the point that they can read a document and sign their names. To know about SC, just follow the news stories in Slate and HuffPo. Our previous Governor, Mark Sanford, left on a trip a few years ago and didn't even tell his security; it turned out he was visiting his _soulmate_ and her kids in Argentina. Now, he's a House Representative!! IMO, our senior Senator, Lindsay (?) Graham is a staunch Republican unless there's some pork for the state. Almost no elections include candidates from anything but the GOP and libertarions; guess which wins.

    At least it's not TX.
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  11. Daneela added a post in a topic: Web site captca issue   

    I've seldom guessed the captcha characters correctly the first time. Being hard of hearing as well, I've never used the "audio" links provided by some sites. I just keep being bull-headed stubborn until something I can recognize shows up.
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  12. Daneela added a post in a topic: Hair Removal   

    And since most of my hairs are grey, laser is out. I'm instead doing facial hair removal the hard way: let it grow until I can pluck it using my fingers. This way, my "beard" looks mostly full and I should eventually get all the follicles.
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  13. Daneela added a post in a topic: Olympics and Anti-gay Countries   

    The greatest difficulty I see with such a policy is what happened for the Solchi games. Solchi was selected years ago. Between the times of selection and the actual games, the "homosexual propaganda" ban came about. The only actions possible were to plan on canceling the games and lobbying for repeal of the ban. The first is unpalatable because the athletes and audience become victims. Lobbying isn't likely to be effective and frankly not something that should result in attempts at coercion, imo, as nations should be permitted to determine their own courses within the international community just as in the USA states can pretty much make their own policies.
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  14. Daneela added a post in a topic: Article Chimes In ON Putting the T First   

    To fully reflect myself, I will use TLBGQ. This way I am "saying" I identify first as a MtF transsexual, second as lesbian, and partially a bisexual. I include gays and queer/questioning in the full community, though not everyone includes us. It is what it is, I guess.
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  15. Daneela added a post in a topic: Trans Billionaire Reporting for Duty   

    In a HuffPo article this week, a military commission presented the results of their study of the purported reasons the military has proffered for their policies, mostly "medical" related. Cited were different needs, greater expense, less available treatments, etc. The study found none of these to be credible. As I recall, the San Francisco government offered the same excuses for excluding T from health care coverage until their research found the extra costs came to less than $20 per person.
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